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a voluminous cotton outer garment (usually white) traditionally worn by Muslim women of northern Africa and the Middle East

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Ms Torres said the Commission was sympathetic to Izar's situation and was prepared to discuss aid packages to cushion the blow of shipyard closures.
But in the 1990s this dominance was challenged by vigorous efforts of DCN with the Spanish yard Izar (formerly Bazan) to promote the Scorpene.
The role of Izar in future European naval collaboration cannot be underestimated.
Bootes has Izar ([epsilon]) and Alkalurops ([mu]), just two of the constellation's many fine double stars.
State holding company Sociedad Estatal de Participationes Industriales (SEPI) granted aid worth Euro 500 million in 1999 and 2000 in the form of a capital injection, loans and a purchase price above market value, to the civil public shipyards that are now all owned by IZAR. As the loans amounting to Euro 192.1 million were paid back to SEPI, the sum to be reimbursed by IZAR will only amount to 308.3 million, plus interest.
The Izar Ferrol shipyard celebrated the keel laying of the Fridtjof Nansen, the first of a series of five F-310 class frigates for the Royal Norwegian Navy.
I asked several active observers in my astronomy club if they could think of any deep-sky objects in Bootes, and the only suggestion was Izar, Epsilon ([epsilon]) Bootis, the beautiful gold and white double star discussed in last June's Small Scope Sampler.
The shipyards concerned are now owned by IZAR Group.
Izar has delivered the Alvaro de Bazan, the first of four F-100 frigates for the Spanish Navy and the only one in Europe to be equipped with the Aegis combat system.
Epsilon ([epsilon]) Boo, or Izar, is the most brilliant of our doubles, and it has justly earned its nickname Pulcherrima (Latin for "most beautiful").
"This would distort trade and be liable to challenge in the WTO", says KSA.The association is confident that any update of the Trade Barriers Regulation (TBR) report on developments in the Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier (LNG) segment will again "demonstrate the absence of injury", as is confirmed by statements made by the Spanish shipyard IZAR. Any move to grant TDM subsidies to LNG ships would not be justified by the facts.