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being nine more than eighty

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Based on findings up until July 2008, SQW found that IXC UK had been particularly successful in identifying and disclosing opportunities and connections to companies and university partners.
Mike Hield, chief executive of IXC UK, said: "The continued development of emerging markets has finally forced companies operating in the larger industrialised economies to collaborate - 95 per cent recognised the need for collaboration in a recent survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
The roll-out of the service follows a successful 45-day trial by Bell Atlantic and IXC Communications in the Newark, N.
Now theUK's leading practitioner in open innovation, the combined incremental value of the opportunities that have been progressed is forecast by IXC UK's clients to be worth over pounds 32million.
In exchange for such favorable pricing, access to LEC and IXC facilities and exclusivity to market to cable operators, Net2Phone will grant IDT shares of its Class A common stock, which will vest at the rate of 1.
Expert intermediaries at IXC pair up companies whose research and technology could benefit each other.
a leading provider of now- and next-generation switching solutions, today announced that the SanteraOne platform has complete IXC Tandem replacement functionality and is commercially available for installation in networks.
SanteraOne delivers the robust, full-featured performance needed in today's network environment, including IXC Tandem, Voice over Broadband, and comprehensive Class 5 functionality with LNP, CALEA, GR-303 interfaces, switched virtual circuits and support for E911.
As one of the founders of IXC Communications, Fleming also served as president of the International subsidiaries of IXC, including MarcaTel S.
SanteraOne is a carrier-grade integrated voice and data switch that delivers full-feature IXC Tandem, Class 4/5, PRI Offload, packet/cell switching and Voice over Broadband services on a single platform.
the leading web-based customer, order, and service management platform for the communications industry, today announced that a Tier 1 IXC has successfully implemented the Cygent solution to provide comprehensive web-based customer care for its small and medium-sized business customers.
Acterna, a broadband access member of the Cisco Service Provider Solutions Ecosystem, announced today a remote OC-48 test and monitoring system that combines the power of the Cisco ONS 15900 Wavelength Router(TM) with Acterna's ANT-20 analyzer for CLEC, ILEC, IXC and cable customers.