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overgrown with ivy


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The Childwall Abbey Hotel is seen on a postcard from the early days of motoring, a fine car stood in the shadow of the well-managed ivy-covered walls.
BEIRUT: Hidden behind an ornate, ivy-covered gate in Gemmayzeh sprawls a 19th-century house that's become home to Maze of Tales and -- as the new escape room game "The Bride's Doom" reveals -- a setting for mystery, murder and magic.
The owner listed the ivy-covered brownstone for sale several years ago with an asking price of $1 million, but took it off the market when it did not sell.
While cutting an austere figure in the ivy-covered halls, he was explicit that his chief aim was the pursuit of pleasureugood food and wine and foreign travel.
And what about the Jewish academics in the ivory, ivy-covered towers?
The dance floor under an ivy-covered portico was illuminated by bare bulbs, in keeping with the simplicity the couple desired.
WHERE AND WHY Sitting next to the River Ouse this charming, ivy-covered 18th Century townhouse is a great base from which to explore the Cambridgeshire countryside.
As news of her death became public, media crews and some fans gathered on a darkened cul de sac in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, where ornate street lamps illuminated the ivy-covered brick nursing home where Brown died.
The charming old fashioned teashop may be best to visit in the autumn, when the changing colours make the ivy-covered walls turn from green to glorious red but in honesty I don't think there is a bad time to visit the iconic landmark building.
According to the listing, the home also has a media room, potential to build a wine cellar, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and terrace and a large back garden with ivy-covered walls.
Marketing materials describe the ivy-covered, 1920s country English mini-mansion as "Hamptons-esque" with four bedrooms and five bathrooms in 6,400 square feet.
There is the vaunted, ''neat Yankee face'' of the summer home located in a ''quiet neighborhood inhabited by quality people.'' The reminiscing of ivy-covered walls of Harvard and Princeton.
Starting from the Falcon Inn at Hilton we walk a few yards in a westerly direction past ivy-covered cottages and on the right hand bend cross with care to follow the bridleway in a southerly direction.
Among the many others, I love sun and rain, looking at stars, dolphins, hedgehogs, British telephone booths, Harry Potter, cooking, Jane Austen, French, wet grass, green, pink, fairies, Wee Folk, laughing, the flute, oranges, vocabulary, Doctor Who, babies, old-fashioned street lamps, the ocean, mountains, sunrises, ivy-covered garden walls, trees, snow, writing, chalets, little birds, pine, Calvin and Hobbes, parchment, quills, politics, clouds, frost, dew, hummingbirds, and moss.
Yet the lasting fix may come from outside competitors, in the form of for-profit schools, massively open online courses, and other specialty schools more responsive to students' 21st century needs and lifestyles than ivy-covered institutions founded in the 17th.