ivy geranium

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a commonly cultivated trailing South American plant with peltate leaves and rosy flowers

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They typically settle for lavender, lantana, ivy geraniums, begonias and floribunda roses.
At far left, you see the budworm-free leaf of an ivy geranium compared with the leaf of a common geranium.
Plant billowing or trailing perennials in your wheelbarrow, such as verbena, campanula, lantana, ground cover roses, helichrysum, ivy geranium or bacopa (Sutera cordata).
Some plants, such as ivy geraniums and lantanas, usually need less frequent watering.
Where junipers once grew, star jasmine, agapanthus, daylilies and ivy geraniums now reign supreme.
Upright and ivy geraniums are for sale for $3 each.
She filled the containers with Agave 'Mediopicta Alba' and pink ivy geraniums.
SET C Ivy Geraniums (mixed colours): pretty geraniums will be covered with red, pink and white flowers all summer - six plants for pounds 7.
We have three collections for you to to buy: fuchsia, surfinia, ivy geraniums.
By carefully selecting colorful flowers from a long list of plants that include petunias, moss roses and ivy geraniums, homeowners can spruce up the drabbest of areas with plants that thrive in baskets.
Some plants like ivy geraniums and lantanas usually need less frequent watering.
Lastly, ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) are best suited for balcony planters and, secondarily, as long-blooming ground covers.
USE COLOR AS ACCENTS Choose flowering plants that keep their color coming, such as verbena or ivy geraniums.
SET B: IVY GERANIUMS Enjoy red, pink and white blooms all summer.
Just the other day, out for a walk around the block, I noticed that floribunda and miniature roses were flowering, as well as several ornamental sage (salvia) species, ivy geraniums, yellow wallflowers (erysimum x allionii) and, most satisfying of all, flowering maples (abutilon).