ivory black

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a black pigment made from grinding burnt ivory in oil

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Also known as bone black, ivory black has been used since ancient times and is considered quite a "blue" black.
I FENNEL stencil, 1351mm x 800mm, pounds 49, using Ivory Black, Mixing Grey and Titanium White acrylic paints, pounds 3.50 each 59ml, Stencil Library (01661 844844).
Lowry painted in only five colours - flake white, ivory black, ochre, Prussian blue and vermillion, all of which he applied directly from the tube and help to make his work instantly recognisable.
ivory black. The red could also be cadmium red light, the medium, cadmium red dark or alizarin crimson.
Innes - who is famous for his minimalist monochromatic images - won the award for Exposed Painting, Ivory Black.
The winning work - entitled Ex-posed Painting, Ivory Black - will be hung alongside two other paintings by Innes which are already in the city's impressive collection.
Nikitta, who will be in the X Factor tour when it goes on the road next year, is playing a one-off gig at Glasgow's Ivory Black's on Saturday.
Stewart then arranged a concert for the same charity at Ivory Blacks nightclub in Glasgow last December.