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An author in her own right, Jan's expertise in Itsy-Bitsy Babies was in the illustrating.
By separating top swimmers from the rest, the itsy-bitsy racecourse may ultimately improve the odds for infertile couples.
With its slinky Lycra strings and slivers of see-through fabric, only a brave soul would jump in at the deep end with this itsy-bitsy creation.
An itsy-bitsy mousy called LIBIDO made of nothing--gray and white scraps.
Granted, they're cute as all get out--a couple of itsy-bitsy hot dogs, a few oversized Saltine-like "crusts" to cover with tiny pepperoni slices and cheese and tomato sauce.
Need anything big smashed into itsy-bitsy little pieces, ma'am?
The new ITSY-BITSY SPIDER MAN balances super hero role play with a cuddly friend that's fun and developmentally consistent with how these youngest fans experience and play with their favorite characters.
Created by DENOKINN and MIT's Changing Places group, the itsy-bitsy buggy is just five feet long and has room for two passengers.
The 59-year-old grandma chilled out in her itsy-bitsy bikini during a red-hot day.
IT'S an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, pinkish, far-too-small bikini .