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An author in her own right, Jan's expertise in Itsy-Bitsy Babies was in the illustrating.
Need anything big smashed into itsy-bitsy little pieces, ma'am?
The new ITSY-BITSY SPIDER MAN balances super hero role play with a cuddly friend that's fun and developmentally consistent with how these youngest fans experience and play with their favorite characters.
Created by DENOKINN and MIT's Changing Places group, the itsy-bitsy buggy is just five feet long and has room for two passengers.
NIP AND SUCK: This; Morning host Denise winces as Cathie reveals her tiny waist in the itsy-bitsy corset
The 59-year-old grandma chilled out in her itsy-bitsy bikini during a red-hot day.
Wearing an itsy-bitsy bikini, she danced around the garden, running through hose-pipes to get a good soaking.
Adding to the madness: swaying Polynesian dancers and beach-blond guy and gal models showing off the latest surf gear (boards, shorts, sarongs and itsy-bitsy bikinis).
While the 39-year-old Zorro star is making the movie Dancing In The Dark, Melanie stuns onlookers by giving a poolside fashion display of itsy-bitsy swimsuits.
Swimsuits, bikinis, itsy-bitsy T-shirts and dresses are all afloat with the latest cloud prints.
Electrochemists looking to apply their skills to the nascent field of nanotechnology have created an itsy-bitsy battery, 100 of which would fit into a single human red blood cell.
The Saves the Day emergency kit packs five essentials--pad, tampon, Advil, undies and towelette--into an itsy-bitsy box you can toss into your beach tote.