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journeying from place to place preaching or lecturing

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(6) Other accounts describe his attention to Paul's missionary journeys, which he saw as an example for his own itinerations. (7) Apolo's attention to the Thirty-Nine Articles provides the background to his daily practice of corporate prayer and his commitment to the participation of others.
short, medium, long, it is rational to use fuzzy logic for determining the next itineration step counts.
Itineration was always hard, and now in wartime when mission funds were low, it had to be admitted that the school work was sustained by the government.
But unlike Burns, who had almost no converts to show for his years of itineration, Mackay had already established seven chapels and had more than seventy baptized followers by the end of his third year in Taiwan.
Furlough used to be an opportunity for "itineration" or "deputation" for telling the story, arousing the interest of another generation of potential missionaries, raising funds and soliciting prayer support.
The rest are active in the Eurasian countries of the former USSR (14.6 percent), followed by North America (9.3), Africa (7.7), Latin America (5.8), the Middle East (4.5), western Europe (3.9), the South Pacific (2.9), and eastern Europe (2.0), with the remainder in itineration and headquarters (2.0 percent).
This itineration was part of their attempts to minister to highly nomadic tribes.
Something Happened is the understated title of a 1933 account of the itineration of Mildred Cable and Francesca and Evangeline French--three missionary women "with attitude." These peripatetic CIM missionary colporteurs traveled across northwestern China, the Gobi Desert, and Turkestan virtually nonstop between 1913 and 1933.
Detailed records created in the field - lists of converts and church members, the records of missionary institutions, the minutes of papers of local mission councils, particulars of itineration work, and so on - were not usually sent to the mission house.
Wade examined and baptized the candidates that she had trained.(14) For many years, the Wades continued their pattern of jungle itineration during the dry seasons and more settled educational work during the rainy seasons.
He visited every house in the town, as well as Parnell, Remuera, Epsom, and Onehunga, and planned to extend his itineration to Otahuhu, Howiek, Panmure, and the North Shore.
Furthermore, it must be stated that what is called ground (hypokeimenon) in relation to the affects (pathe) that show themselves in it and are registered there, and ultimately to the particular these that appear on it as identifiable entities (ousian) owing to the itineration of the similar and connected affects as to constitute a certain but never complete unity (out of habit, ethos), stands as a (again incomplete, partial) this (entity, ousia) in relation to other grounds (hypokeimena), and perhaps, to another ground (hypokeimenon) in which it finds itself and upon which it shows itself.
Itineration: Journal of Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media and Culture.
Dennis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia , said: "We are very happy to be completing yet another successful itineration of the Seeds for the Future programme.