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Synonyms for itemize

Synonyms for itemize

to name or specify one by one

Synonyms for itemize

specify individually

place on a list of items


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One possibility is to bunch donations together every few years in order to benefit from itemizing in the donation years.
Younger people may want to front load years of charitable contributions into a donor advised fund, if that results in itemizing for the contribution year.
If your estimated income tax deductions are not large enough to warrant itemizing, consider increasing your charitable gifts to reach the threshold.
Generally, that means that a married couple filing jointly, for example, would now need to cobble together at least $24,001 in various tax deductions for itemizing to lower their tax bill more than taking the standard deduction would.
He estimates that the total cost of itemizing deductions rises with income, and that the total cost oftax filing, mostly the time spent filling out tax schedules and collecting receipts, is several hundred billion dollars.
Ilse the 2014 Form 1040 Schedule A to determine whether itemizing is better than claiming the standard deduction.
Compare approaches: Tax preparation software makes it easy to determine optimal filing approaches (e.g., taking the standard deduction versus itemizing).
By itemizing and providing allowances, we steer them toward making the right decisions in accordance with their desires, needs, and budget.
Thus, the share of taxpayers itemizing their deductions increased by 21.3 percent, rising from 28.5 percent of all taxpayers in 1990 to 34.6 percent for 2001.
If Tom and Teresa were to use a standard deduction instead of itemizing, they would be subject to AMT because the deduction would exceed the remaining adjustments and preferences.
Minority Leader Danilo Suarez on Tuesday appealed that the Senate be transparent in itemizing their lump sum appropriations under the proposed P3.8 trillion 2019 national budget.
"But of course we welcome the criticisms." Lacson, however, said itemizing appropriations in the ratified 2019 national budget cannot be justified.
There is nothing wrong in itemizing P4.5 billion Lower House share of the budget for health facilities even if it is done after the ratification of the bicameral committee report for the proposed General Appropriations Act of 2019.
Of the entire group of surveyed clients, 72% enjoy a tax savings from the new laws, even with significant lost deductions due to no longer itemizing. The main factors behind this are obviously the reduction of the rates and the way AMT is now calculated (basically rendering it irrelevant).