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Synonyms for itemize

Synonyms for itemize

to name or specify one by one

Synonyms for itemize

specify individually

place on a list of items


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Kleczka's bill would expand the types of expenses deductible as work-related and permit a deduction regardless of whether the taxpayer itemizes expenses.
The average taxpayer with four dependents that itemizes and files as head of household will be subject to the AMT system in 1999.
(If one spouse itemizes, the other must also itemize).
If a married taxpayer who files as a head of household itemizes deductions, may the taxpayer's spouse claim the full standard deduction for married taxpayers filing separately?
The effective marginal rates in the bubble may actually be higher than the 33% stated marginal rate imposed in 1990 depending on the number of exemptions claimed by the taxpayer and whether or not he itemizes deductions.
If married taxpayers file separately and one spouse itemizes, the other spouse's standard deduction is zero (i.e., both spouses must either claim the standard deduction or itemize).(9) The filing of separate returns also affects the application of a number of other Code provisions (discussed below).