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Synonyms for itemize

Synonyms for itemize

to name or specify one by one

Synonyms for itemize

specify individually

place on a list of items


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Consequently, the reductions in high-income itemizers' federal tax liability were less for deductible home mortgage interest dollars spent in 1993 (at a maximum tax rate of 39.6%) than they would have been if the same nominal amounts had been spent in 1981 (at a maximum tax rate of 70%).
For itemizers, those in the 35% tax bracket save $350 in taxes ($1,000 x 35%), but those in the 15% tax bracket save only $150 in taxes ($1,000 x 15%).
Ross Gittell of the University of New Hampshire conducted a pioneering study for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation using such variables along with itemizer data.
The letter to Congressional leaders calls for itemizers' charitable contributions to remain fully deductible.
The percentage of taxpayers who would itemize deductions in the absence of the TCJA is about the same in the two jurisdictions (32% in DC and 30% in Utah), but the average amount that an itemizer deducted was $34,739 in DC and $26,152 in Utah.
As a result, many taxpayers who otherwise would have deducted their charitable donations as itemizers will now claim the standard deduction and not receive a tax incentive for charitable giving.
where I = 1 for itemizers and 0 otherwise, t is the marginal tax rate, [[tau].sub.f] is the marginal federal [d.sub.s] tax rate, [[tau].sub.s] is the marginal stale tax rate, [d.sub.s] = 1 if contributions are deductible on the state return and 0 otherwise, and [d.sub.f] = 1 if federal taxes are deductible on state returns (Bradley.
Morpho says more than 3,000 Itemizer DXs have been deployed to airport baggage screening areas since 2010.
A compulsive itemizer, he stands in the temple before God, intent only on presenting his roster of good deeds.
Both itemizer and nonitemizer taxpayers may deduct a maximum of $3,000 NCLs per year.
(Except for a brief period in the mid-1980s, deductions for charitable contributions have only been allowed for those who itemized deductions on their tax returns.) As I have no data identifying who itemizes and who does not, I impute itemizer status in a rather simple way, based on family assets.
New shelving includes a hanging itemizer shelf that accentuates promotional items.
a dearth of recorded journal entries, or the total absence of receipts and records), the cost/benefit ratio of this endeavor will doubtless be high for the first time itemizer.