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The House insisted that its itemization or listing of projects to support lump-sum appropriations previously agreed between Andaya and Legarda did not violate the law and the Constitution and had been the practice "ever since.
Damage types have been modified to allow better itemization of armor against incoming damage.
Tokarev says, "We achieved the level of itemization we needed in order to understand the cost structure faster and more accurately.
She advocates the full and consistent itemization of both findspot data and ownership history of all works discussed along with the name, date, material, and present whereabouts that are already always itemized; the foregrounding of artworks about which scholars have more contextual data over objects about which they have little or none; and an increased attention to the modern reception history of canonical but archaeologically undocumented objects.
According to Rosch's itemization, these totems entail would-be onanistic portraits of his head, shoulder, arm, knee, and appendages, but any literal reference is eschewed in favor of fragmented formal jokes or a total absence of correlation.
Additionally, the report states, when TEA secured the contract with Pearson, it did not ensure that the contract contained "sufficient detail about deliverables and costs to independently determine the reasonableness of changes in the price." According to the report, the lack of itemization of services provided has limited the state's ability to properly estimate the fiscal effect of implementing the newly passed House Bill 5.
Christopher Markey (D-Dartmouth), House Bill 448, would do exactly that, requiring MIAA to include an accounting of dues and donations collected, gate receipts and concession revenues from competitions, itemization of salaries and expenses, and the criteria for selecting and costs for obtaining post-season venues for playoff and championship games.
A frequent lecturer and writer, she is co-author of "Understanding the Inherent Risks of Dual Representation," published in Securities Law 360 in January 2010 and "Guiding Your Company to Success: Itemization of FDA Guidances Regarding Drug and Medical Devices"
* Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to substitute for itemization of amount financed
One revision to the version of the executive branch is the itemization of exemption case from the tax, including the obtaining of realty via urban renewal projects.
The procedures are clearly and beautifully presented with photos and drawings as well as bulleted itemization of important points related to indications, examination and imaging, treatment options, controversies, pearls and pitfalls, surgical anatomy, positioning, portals and exposures, equipment and instrumentation, steps of the procedure itself, postoperative care, and complications.
Go to the governing body in your organization and tell them, in the interests of full public disclosure, each of your customers at all levels should be given a complete itemization and financial disclosure of what the organization is getting in markup, commission, etc.
16, 1961, SaarinenAAEs contribution to the show is a neatly organized itemization of things large and small, urgent and not so urgent.
A stopover at the nonprofit Gerson Institute in San Diego, Calif., run by the doctor's daughter, Charlotte, elicits careful itemization of the therapy's steps (illustrated by crude, on-the-spot drawings by Garrett Kroschel, tactfully eliding the details of the regimen's requisite "coffee enemas").
* An itemization of each piece, including the title, medium, size and retail price