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Synonyms for itemize

Synonyms for itemize

to name or specify one by one

Synonyms for itemize

specify individually

place on a list of items


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The airport's first explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment, 30 Itemiser 4DX machines from Morpho Detection, was also introduced last year to meet new EU legislation for the enhanced explosives screening of passengers.
In 2002, the United States provided the Government of Ghana counternarcotics assistance in the form of surveillance and detection equipment, worth $64,000, including two narcotics detection devices ("Itemisers") installed at Kotoka International Airport in December 2003.
As Paul Eisenbraun, marketing director at Ion Track Instruments, told IBO, "Those other devices have very high false alarm rates, so you need some other tool to actually identify which bags you may want to take further action on." In June of this year, the FAA placed orders for more ITEMISERS under a three-year contract with the company.