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Synonyms for itemize

Synonyms for itemize

to name or specify one by one

Synonyms for itemize

specify individually

place on a list of items


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We were able to implement the itemisers into our existing layout very smoothly," said Mr Muller, adding: "The staff came up with the great idea to put the itemisers under the glass plate where they do not take up much room.
Inspector Lorna Ferguson said: "The itemiser is a visible deterrent to those seeking to enter pubs and clubs in possession of drugs.
Certification from the UK DfT is said to be an important recognition of Itemiser DX' ability to protect the air cargo supply chain.
The desktop Itemiser DX can be used for checkpoint, air cargo and checked baggage screening.
Supplier of explosives and narcotics detection systems Morpho Detection Inc said today that the Itemiser DX explosive trace detection (ETD) system has been accepted by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office for use by government agencies.
The Itemiser, which can detect the presence of drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin and ecstasy, was used outside nine different pubs and nightclubs in Aberdeen city centre.
The pounds 25,000 Itemiser machine instantly reveals if a person has had contact with even tiny trace amounts of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and cannabis.
North Wales Police recently bought a GE Itemiser 3, the world's first trace detector able to detect both drugs and explosives.
However, unlike most systems, the Itemiser is capable of simultaneous positive and negative ion detection.
The Itemiser is a portable narcotics and explosives detection device that can pick up telltale molecules of contraband in residue and vapors as well as on skin, clothing, parcels, bags, vehicles and other surfaces.
The VaporTracer and its nonportable cousin, the Itemiser, are already used in airports to scan luggage for explosives.
The pounds 25,000 Itemiser machine, funded by the Lichfield District Safer Community Partnership, will be used in pubs and clubs and can also be used to test for illegal drugs at schools, colleges and other public venues should the need arise.
The new Itemiser FX is a direct-transfer traced-detection instrument that can simultaneously identify explosives and narcotics from a finger touch.
The most recent involved cutting edge hand-swabbing technology known as an Ion Itemiser which is capable of detecting even molecular traces of drugs including those used to spike drinks.