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Synonyms for item

Synonyms for item

an individually considered portion of a whole

a small, often specialized element of a whole

something having material existence

a usually brief detail of news or information

Synonyms for item

a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list

a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

a whole individual unit

an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

an individual instance of a type of symbol

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An auction is a sale of items to the highest bidder.
However, a deduction may be allowed for a charitable donation of a single item of clothing or a household item, not in good used condition or better, if the amount claimed for the item exceeds $500 and the taxpayer's return includes a qualified appraisal of that item.
These supply chain alliances (SCAs), are being established with DLA suppliers that are not original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) but still collectively comprise a substantial portion of DLA's obligation dollars and provide critical items to the agency's customers.
For example, a taxpayer who understates both capital gains and interest income qualifies for a special allocation because a different tax rate applies to each item.
Recent audit activity indicates the IRS will require taxpayers to use one of the simplified methods (SPM or SRM) when it determines that a taxpayer is using a facts-and-circumstances method that does not allocate costs to specific inventory items.
Finally, the scale used for each item in the MSEI ranged from 1-4 (strongly disagree to strongly agree) and frequency distributions indicated that the respondents tended to only use the higher end of the scale (3-4).
Commercial item or catalog pricing also facilitated ordering via electronic media, and more importantly, allowed ordering using the government purchase card and a warranted Ordering Officer within the group.
Since the data on this item are categorical, a nonparametric Test for Significance of a Difference Between Two Proportions (TSDBTP) was performed.
A Thunder Bay printing company is convinced corporate promotional items can supplement a marketing strategy and make it successful, but only if they are targeted correctly.
Activist groups are reliably boycotting and petitioning to stop the sale of these items.
ITEM 31: The Princess said that this did not look like either of her boys and that I could have it if I wanted.
If you doubt this statement, take a look at the Texas A & M University system: In a recent public request for proposals, the system revealed that it was carrying in its asset database over 100,000 items totaling more than $3 billion.
The second factor, originally labeled "condom placement," includes items 15 through 17, and item 24.
Change In "Character" of an Item as a Change in Method of Accounting
The weights corresponding to responses for each item are summed over the 14 items to yield a total score, with higher scores representing greater satisfaction with rehabilitation services.