itchy feet

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very strong or irresistible impulse to travel


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Beth Jeans Houghton, tipped by many as the next big thing, has itchy feet -- and it's not just because her debut album has been held up for the past two years.
And now that the third book is complete, I'm starting to get itchy feet again.
I have not got itchy feet and am not touting myself around for a new job.
However, the man who previously worked in england with Manchester United and everton has told pals he is getting itchy feet and would be tempted by an offer south of the border.
Hugh's Fish Fight: The Battle Continues (Channel Four, tomorrow, 9pm) * THERE was a time when Channel Four's celeb chefs were fighting their battles on home soil, but this being such a small island it's little wonder they get itchy feet.
Penguin has itchy feet and wants adventure and sunshine, and Pirate is tired of voyaging, treasure-hunting, and scratchy sunburns, and wants to find inner peace.
Everybody has itchy feet so I hope something is on the horizon for the Stones next year," he added.
G Cubed, LLC, maker of naturally derived products for skin ailments, used the Outdoor Retailer trade show to showcase new Toe Juice, which soothes dry, cracked and itchy feet.
But us boxers - it doesn't take us long to get itchy feet again.
Young Melvin's titular itchy feet soon send him off to see the world, armed only with his "contingency stash," a buried talismanic box dug up at key moments.
Most of our football punters had not placed a bet since the World Cup so they were starting to get itchy feet and were more than happy to steam into United and total goals," said Scott.
On the whole, however, this is an entertaining book that's guaranteed to give even the most settled a nasty case of itchy feet.
Being aware of changes in behaviour was likely to be the only indicators of the other 95 per cent of staff with itchy feet.