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Synonyms for italicize

Synonyms for italicize

print in italics


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During much of the '70s, Gorchov's way of riffing on the projected anthropomorphism of action painting was to slow the gesture down and shape it, while dividing the task of mark making between the left and right hands in order to italicize the difference between them.
Anyone who has ever struggled with choosing between "affect" and "effect" or debated whether to italicize a title or surround it with quotation marks will appreciate this easy-to-navigate reference tool.
Pinning tearsheets to the wall might have made for a more challenging, not to mention authentic, presentation, but Wallis instead quarantines six of Clark's books--covers shut tight; not even a glimpse of what constitutes Untitled (1994), known as "the River Pheonix book," for example--inside a single dinky case, which certainly is one way to italicize their "unreadability" and pictoral anacoluthon.
The writer often italicizes words within sentences which are supposed to be given emphasis in dialogue.
Coles like the student ruminates about the relationship of intellectual "progress" (Coles always italicizes this word) with human wisdom by reflecting that her grandmother seems wiser than her father who seems wiser than herself.