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a crystalline carboxylic acid

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w] = 41,400), and polypropylene grafted with itaconic acid (PP-g-IA) as compatibilizer prepared by following procedure: The PP was grafted with itaconic acid (97-65-4, Sigma-Aldrich) using 2,5-bis(tert-butylperoxy)-2,5-dimethylhexane (78-63-7, Sigma-Aldrich) as an initiator in a Brabender melt blender (PN: 680135, GmbH Plasti-Corder, Germany) at 170[degrees]C for 6 min [21], The product was purified by dissolving it in boiling xylene and then precipitated by mixing with acetone under stirring at room temperature for 1 h to remove the unreacted PP, monomer, and initiator.
The company has expertise in itaconic acid polymers.
Likewise, a comparison of the pK of soil P-binding reactions with Ca, Fe, and Al ions versus the pK of chelation reactions of Ca, Fe, and Al ions with maleic acid and itaconic acid would indicate whether maleic-itaconic acid copolymer could prevent the P-precipitation reactions.
Keywords Functionalized latex, Wet scrub resistance, Itaconic acid, Emulsion polymerization, Highly pigmented paints
The itaconic acid fermentation process works best under phosphate-limited growth conditions but it is also necessary to maintain N:P between 5 to 10 to improve the IA production.
They synthesized a copolymer of acrylic and itaconic acid, which proved indefinitely stable in a 50% aqueous solution.
Manufacture of value-added products such as acetic acid, butanol acetone, lactic acid, citric acid, aconitic acid, itaconic acid, glycerol, dextron, etc.
Itaconix - Positive - Bio-based Materials and Chemicals With a low-capex, low-opex process expanding to 5,000 MT/year to produce itaconic acid polymers for chemical intermediates, binders, and super-absorbents, Itaconix is one of the few bio-based chemical companies we expect to run in the black in 2013.
N-isopropyl acrylamide (NIPAAm) (Aldrich, Milwaukee, USA), methacrylamide (MAm) (Merck, Darmstadt, Germany), methacrylic acid (MA) (Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) and itaconic acid (IA) (Sigma, St.
Melt Grafting of Itaconic Acid and its Derivatives onto an Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer," React.
Preferred grafting compounds are maleic anhydride, maleic acid, fumaric acid, itaconic anhydride, itaconic acid, glycidyl (meth)acrylate, or 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Itaconic Acid (IA) in US$ Million.
In our previous work, we reported the synthesis, and the structural and thermal characterization of fully renewable BDIS [5, 6] copolyamides from itaconic acid (IA), sebacic acid (SA), 1,10-decanediamine (DD), and 1,4-butanediamine (BD).
Functional acid monomers, such as acrylic acid (AA), methacrylic acid (MAA), itaconic acid (IA), and vinylphosphonic acid (VPA), were incorporated for enhancing latex stability and paint compatibility (especially with the target component in this study: Ti[O.
The modified elastomer must have a functional group that can interact with a carbonyl group such as maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, acrylic acid, maleic acid, itaconic acid, epoxy, or a glycidyl group.