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the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)

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The Federal Reserve Board announced on June 9, 2005, the issuance of a consent order of assessment of a civil money penalty against the Bank of Pontiac, Pontiac, Illinois, a state member bank.
The regulations generally do not change which type of debt issuance costs must be capitalized, although they do allow a current deduction for certain de minimis debt issuance costs.
That's why you compare the issuance cost to the composite.
The notes issued by Chase Issuance Trust are secured by the series 2002-CC collateral certificate issued by First USA Credit Card Master Trust, the series 2004-CC collateral certificate issued by Chase Credit Card Master Trust, eligible receivables originated by Chase Bank USA which are added directly to Chase Issuance Trust, the collection account, the excess funding account, and any other supplemental accounts.
The Federal Reserve Board on March 5, 2003, announced the issuance of a consent Order against Dale and Betty Skrobot, both former institution-affiliated parties of the First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, a state member bank.
Small issuance: An issuance of stock will not create a new public group if the amount of stock issued, when aggregated with all other issuances during a corporation's tax year, does not exceed the small issue limitation.
The notes are part of the Citiseries subclass of notes in CCCIT, which is a multiple issuance series.
B of A Issuance will issue up to $6 billion of structured notes to qualified non-U.
99% leased to Winn-Dixie at issuance, but Winn-Dixie vacated its space as part of a bankruptcy reorganization.
Investment grade issuance was down quarter over quarter but continued to run ahead of 2005 activity.
As part of its review, Fitch analyzed the performance of the loans and the underlying collateral and compared the loans' debt service coverage ratios (DSCR) at issuance to the most recent operating statements available from the master servicer.
The rating affirmations reflect the minimal reduction of the pool balance since issuance and stable performance.
The affirmations reflect stable performance and minimal paydown since issuance.
1st Debenture Issuance (BRL180 million) due 2016: To 'A+(bra)', from 'A(bra)'
The rating affirmations reflect stable performance and minimal paydown since issuance.