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(physics) the property of being isotropic

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Here, a fact should be noted that the crystallinity and amorphous isotropy obtained from curve fitting should be noted as approximate, as the initial guess of each peak can affect the results.
Internationalization and effectuation share a common problem space because they both include Knightian uncertainty ("it is impossible to calculate probabilities for future consequences"), goal ambiguity ("preferences are neither given nor well ordered"), and environmental isotropy ("it is not clear what elements of the environment to pay attention to and what to ignore") (Sarasvathy 2008, p.
Statistical and visual comparisons indicate that hexagonal quantization offers significantly greater positional fidelity, mostly due to the superior radial symmetry and isotropy of the honeycomb sampling geometry.
This theory is sill accepted by most cosmologists today to describe cosmological principles such as the homogeneity and isotropy of the universe.
Besides, discontinuation of turbulence based on the assumption of isotropy (e.
In this paper, following [3], we also assume axial isotropy for the myocardium; that is, we assume the same conductivity in both the tangential and normal directions.
The common methods for TRT estimations are introduced, and their limitations due to the isotropy assumption are highlighted.
Isotropy of an upper limb exoskeleton and the kinematics and dynamics of the human arm.
This is obvious to be isotropy and cannot accurately represent the edge directions.
Anisotropy is the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies homogeneity in all directions.
The issue of radiation exposure in multi-slice spiral CT is beyond the scope of this letter, but the question should be posed in principle: Under which conditions is the enhanced X-ray exposure caused by crossings of beam trajectories with repeated exposure of the same tissue areas compensated by the advantages of multi-slice spiral CT, such as isotropy and high resolution volumetric data?
Isotropy and Tc are increased and leveled (made more uniform), indicating potential for faster and more consistent productivity while reducing warpage.
Linde, "A New Inflationary Universe Scenario: A Possible Solution of the Horizon, Flatness, Homogeneity, Isotropy and Primordial Monopole Problems," Physics Letters B108 (1982): 389; see also A.
Skeleton approach [20],employing skeletonization (also called median-axis transformation) on the pseudo-Euclidean distance map, has properties of homotopy, isotropy, reconstructibility and noise insensitivity.