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(physics) the property of being isotropic

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There was no change in the in plane birefringence of the simultaneously biaxially stretched samples during heat setting as it was always zero, as a result of the in plane isotropy in orientation resulted from the stretching process.
2014; 20 iterations, Richardson-Lucy method) improved isotropy in all 3 spatial dimensions to ~350 nm, regardless of imaging mode (Fig.
The most general metric that satisfies the observed homogeneity and isotropy in the universe, is the Friedmann, Robertson-Walker metric (FRW) [33]
LS material developers are discovering new methods for producing LS carbon fiber composites that randomly orient the fibers throughout X, Y, and Z to achieve better isotropy.
Soft magnetic composites (SMCs) present many new functions and unique properties such as low eddy current loss, high resistance, three-dimensional (3D) isotropy, and higher thermal stability.
For planar isotropy and nonhomogeneity in radial direction, the equivalent stress, based on the Hencky-von Mises criterion, is given by
For each soil attribute, the semivariances [gamma](h) were calculated in all directions, meeting the hypothesis of isotropy.
In 20th century physics theory, the lack of variance in the Michelson-Morley class of experiments, such as PRL 103, 090401 (2009), seeking to test isotropy and detect variance in the velocity of energy propagation, is interpreted as experimental evidence strongly supporting Lorentz invariance.
Because of the statistical isotropy, we define the linear-energy spectrum as [E.
It implies that an individual's abilities to make optimal or, at least, satisfactory decisions is limited by the cognitive limitations of their minds, environmental conditions of information isotropy, and the lack of resources (Simon 1959, 1991).
This technology is applied in order to increase the size and to adjust the shape of the workpiece (for example lamination), or in order to increase the dimensional stability and isotropy (veneered panel).
0000 Source: calculations of the research Table 5: test on variance isotropy White's test for Ho: homoskedasticity against Ha: unrestricted heteroskedasticity chi2(27) = 85.
b) To prove double transitivity, it suffices that the isotropy group of some point, say o+, act transitively on [XI] [?
Four major assumptions regarding the mechanical behavior of the supraspinatus tendon and its properties were made in this study: nearly incompressible behavior, strain-rate insensitivity, homogeneity, and transverse isotropy.
Presentation of fibers also provides properties to the composite material; the fiber weaved manages to get the orientation of the stress to be directed both vertically and horizontally, increasing the material's isotropy in its mechanical strength; however, in these intersections of the weaved fiber energy absorption obstacles are created, reducing the rate at which said energy can be dissipated and during ballistic impact phenomena, the weft threads would break before the warp threads [6] [7] [8]; which is why it is recommended to use hybrid panels that increase weave strength and may retard penetration of projectiles into the panel [9].