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invariant with respect to direction



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In this paper formulae are derived for computing the three-dimensional transient Green's tensor for an isotropic layer overlay on an isotropic half-space.
Ticona officials say both soft and permanent isotropic magnets can be molded on conventional injection presses.
In recent years continuing evidence that the background is strictly isotropic, the same in all directions, has necessitated serious revisions of the Big Bang, the so-called inflationary Big Bang theories.
5 mm with each 400-millisecond gantry revolution, resulting in precise isotropic imaging of any region of the body in five to 10 seconds.
Versalloy XL 9000 products are said to exhibit exceptional elastomeric performance with superior cosmetics and isotropic (uniform) shrinkage behavior, according to the company.
Our universe is homogeneous on the large scale, isotropic, apparently flat or very nearly so, and it has, Page says "a very strong arrow of time.
The XL9000 series also imparts improved compression set resistance, oil resistance and isotropic shrinkage, according to the company.
These new materials are interesting, says Shechtman, because they have the highest possible degree of symmetry, yet despite being very structured, they are isotropic.
Advanced finite element codes such as ABAQUS and MARC use isotropic linear viscoelasticity and treat relaxation moduli for deviatoric and volumetric behavior separately:
The QuantumPLUS detector is the only detector to provide three different slice-width acquisitions, enabling the Aquilion LB CT to acquire isotropic images in all anatomical planes while achieving the industry's best low-contrast resolution using the lowest dose.
In its unstrained state, rubber is assumed to be perfectly elastic and isotropic (long chain elastomeric molecules with completely random orientation).
The authors of all the articles highlight the SOMATOM Sensation 64's excellent image quality with an isotropic spatial resolution of below 0.
Typical applications for the 901ACS include nitride etch, photoresist descum, polyimide and BCB etches, zero layer etch, backside etch, isotropic oxide etch, non-critical polysilicon etch and titanium/tantalum alloy etch.