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one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons

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The case studies to be conducted as part of this CRP will provide a unique platform for expanding the use of isotopic techniques to TC projects that are assessing water sources for domestic supply in urban areas.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which provided recertified isotopic values, assumed responsibility for distribution, and renamed them RM 8559, RM 8560, and RM8561, respectively.
Occurrence of a different or unrelated dermatological disease at the site of the healed disease is termed as isotopic phenomenon.
From these data it is clear that isotopic differences can be easily detected using mass-spectrometry and can be used to determine the origin of an insect in an SIT program context.
The underpinning theory is that the isotopic composition of an organism reflects the isotopic composition of its diet (DeNiro & Epstein 1978, Mazumder et al.
Among the topics are instrumental isotopic fractionation, measurement strategies, chemical imaging, inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy, thermal ionization mass spectrometry, secondary ion mass spectroscopy, and gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometry for analyzing noble gases.
Dr Daniel Ohnenstetter delivered a poster on the boron isotopic composition of tourmaline from tsavorite deposits in the Neoproterozoic Mozambique Metamorphic Belt, with a special focus on the mining districts in Kenya.
DISCUSSION: The term isotopic response refers to the occurrence of a new skin disorder at the site of another, unrelated, and already healed skin disease.
Although this scenario makes sense when you look at the size of the moon and the physics of its orbit around Earth, things start to break down a little when you compare their isotopic compositions--the geological equivalent of a DNA "fingerprint.
Calibration of isotopic enrichments to VPDB standard is based on daily analysis of NBS-19 (National Bureau of Standards) powdered carbonate and the analytical precision is better than 0.
It delivers full-sensitivity resolution at UPLC acquisition speeds, enabling the company's True Isotopic Pattern spectral acquisition.
In this way, this study aimed to evaluate the effects of the flood pulse in a neotropical floodplain on POC isotopic composition in years with distinct hydrological cycles (2000 and 2009), mostly aiming to understand the structure and functions of the food webs.
The ratio, called an isotopic signature, is distinct in corn and sugar cane, which are the sources of nearly all of the sugars found in sugar-sweetened beverages.