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one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons

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Although not organized as such in the layout, I found that individual chapters in the book can be divided into four categories: i) those that concentrate on isotope geochemistry, ii) those that concentrate on isotope technology/methodology, iii) those that concentrate on major/trace element geochemistry, and iv) those that review a mineral deposit type.
Oxygen isotope and geochemical variations in the Missouri River.
The newly engineered ion source is incorporated in the isotope ratio instruments, which has benefited the research of greater than 550 research groups worldwide.
The influence of Harry Thode as Canada's first stable isotope geochemist and the father of sulfur isotope geochemistry extended far beyond his research accomplishments.
Although the trend is toward the low-powered tubes, some instrument suppliers maintain that having the option of a radioactive isotope can come in handy.
Pharmaceutical quality control: As pharmaceutical products go through chemical and biological manufacturing processes, they carry forward unique isotope ratio signatures, which can be monitored for quality control purposes and counterfeit detection
1 Introduction 2 Executive Summary 3 Market Overview 4 Asia-Pacific Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Isotope 5 Asia-Pacific Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Application/Indication 6 Asia-Pacific Enriched Stable Isotopes Market 7 Geographic Analysis 8 Competitive Landscape 9 Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, Products & Services, Strategy, & Developments)* 9.
She said, One is to develop the science of rare isotope beams, the other is to develop the accelerator technology .
The best fit to the isotope data is for alpha to have decreased slightly over the last 2 billion years, they conclude.
Sample Pb isotope concentrations are expressed as nanomoles Pb isotope per gram of dry weight for feces or nanomoles per milliliter for blood and urine.
The measurement of the lead isotope ratios of trace lead impurities in copper and bronze artefacts to identify the ore source for the copper was first investigated by Gale & Stos-Gale (1982).
Based in Kennewick, Washington, Advanced Medical Isotope is working to meet this increased demand by setting new standards in the research, production, and distribution of medical isotopes.
18]O tend to be lower when the air is cooler, for instance during a rainfall or snowfall--the isotope is heavier, and thus condenses more readily and evaporates less freely than [sup.