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Synonyms for isotonic

(used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure

of or involving muscular contraction in which tension is constant while length changes

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of two or more muscles

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COOLING DOWN: Isotonic drinks are designed to quickly replace fluids
It's important we know exactly how many are going to run on the day as we need to ensure adequate water, isotonic drinks and sponges as well as medals and t-shirts for our participants.
95), which uses a combination of isometric and isotonic exercises to build strength and stability in your bow arm and shoulder.
City's players and coaching staff will be using Holland & Barrett's nutritional products in the build up to, and during, the 2009 and 2010 Championship season, including the retailer's popular Body Fortress range and isotonic drinks.
All Sport Naturally Zero is a sugar-free and calorie-less sports drink that includes all of the isotonic ingredients necessary for rehydration in an All Natural formula with added vitamins B6 and B12.
The other outcomes assessed included acute renal failure requiring dialysis, mortality, urinary pH after the administration of the isotonic sodium bicarbonate and absolute change in serum creatinine concentration and creatinine clearance (measured or estimated) from the baseline.
The sponsorship includes soft drinks, water and isotonic drink's.
I have got a bottle of water in school and I drink some isotonic drinks but I don't tend to drink much at school as I don't get thirsty," she says.
We have tended to group all energy drinks - ranging from the traditional Lucozade to its isotonic cousins to the guarana-containing liquids promising a 'natural' high - into one category.
This is due to two factors: 1) all such drinks are hypotonic (<135 mmol/L), and therefore will cause dilution of serum [Na+] if water is retained in the body to excess; and 2) it is well known that even administration of isotonic saline will not increase serum [Na+] in hyponatremic patients with the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) because in a euvolemic or hypervolemic state, the infused sodium will be excreted in the urine rather than retained (65).
Isotonic and high-energy drinks are also being considered.
Providing the world's most comfortable sleep surface, Isotonic self-adjusting Visco-Elastic Foam molds to the body's contours, responding to body weight and temperature to provide an exceptionally comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning.
Cronin led the Bluebirds to a 6-1 victory in the Umbria Isotonic Youth Alliance Under-19 Cup final against Tranmere Rovers on Tuesday, and they now face Swansea City in the Welsh Youth Cup final.
The saline solution is pH balanced and isotonic, causing no postirrigation burning or stinging.
He claimed the bottle contained a mixture of water and an isotonic sports drink but a sample was taken away for analysis.