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(geology) a general equilibrium of the forces tending to elevate or depress the earth's crust

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We point out that in the isostasy model used by geophysicists, earth is considered fully incompressible.
Densification triggers negative isostasy, regional subsidence in the form of a rift, graben, or oceanic trench.
Should they hazard an enquiry as to the meaning of such an utterance,I would inform them with smug superiority that isostasy is in fact a term describing the state of equilibrium when the earth's crust rests on the molten mantle below; and they in turn would probably regret asking.
A 4,700 year record of lake level and isostasy for Lake Michigan.
Antarctica's icecap weighs so much it actually pushes the continent's landmass below sea level, a process called isostasy.
A 4,700-year record of lake level and isostasy for Lake Michigan.
Alternative methods are applied for the control of tectonic subsidence, isostasy and rheology, lithosphere stretching and thinning.
short wavelengths associated with local isostasy models allow the pass of small amplitudes, or long wavelengths are associated with flexural models (Watts, 2001).
The approach used here is to develop models of eustasy and glacio-hydro isostasy for tectonically stable areas so that physical parameters describing the Earth response and the ice sheets can be evaluated.