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(geology) a general equilibrium of the forces tending to elevate or depress the earth's crust

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Your educated answer may include such terms as subduction, subsidence, and isostasy.
Keywords: Tectonics; Ophiolites; Thrust; Depth to detachment; Isostasy.
The Andes of Argentina and Chile: Crustal configuration, Isostasy and Shortening and Tectonic Features from gravity Data.
2004, Global glacial isostasy and the surface of the ice-age Earth: The ICE-5G(VM2) model and GRACE: Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences, v.
Second, Mallorca appears to be particularly well suited to the task, because neither tectonics nor isostasy - geological forces of crustal motion - over-complicate the record.
Consider a post-glacial rebound model, based on the isostasy concept, namely, that the elevation of earth's surface (over tens of millions of years) seeks a balance between the weight of lithospheric rocks and the buoyancy of the more viscous asthenosphere.
Key words: Topography, delamination, isostasy, Cantabrian Zone, Variscan orogeny, Iberian Peninsula.
Isostasy provides fresh rock from which to make new soil.
Rock-forming minerals of densities less than mantle minerals are deposited; isostasy is triggered.
Applications of isostasy and gravity methods are considered in a trio of papers.
Should they hazard an enquiry as to the meaning of such an utterance,I would inform them with smug superiority that isostasy is in fact a term describing the state of equilibrium when the earth's crust rests on the molten mantle below; and they in turn would probably regret asking.
A 4,700 year record of lake level and isostasy for Lake Michigan.
Antarctica's icecap weighs so much it actually pushes the continent's landmass below sea level, a process called isostasy.
A 4,700-year record of lake level and isostasy for Lake Michigan.