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(used of solutions) having the same or equal osmotic pressure


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3] in which all NaCl was replaced with isosmotic sucrose, blocked, and mounted on a vibratome with tissue-binding glue (Konishi, Osaka, Japan).
HBOC-201 is a purified, sterile, isosmotic glutaraldehydepolymerized bovine hemoglobin manufactured by Biopure Corp.
After Isovolumic exchange of blood with an isosmotic albumin solution, the animals showed the typical symptoms of oxygen deficiency shock.
However, this tradeoff was not observed in Pagurus minutus in water of our experimental salinity regimes, because significantly different osmoregulation abilities were not found in isosmotic and hypersaline regimes (i.
These results are physiologically confirmed by the reported isosmotic point for pink shrimp to an external salinity of 28.
Additional energy is expended on isosmotic intracellular ion regulation under salinity stress for both osmoconformers and osmoregulators (for reviews see Schoffeniels and Gilles (1970) and Pequeux (1995)).
The salinity of the isosmotic point has been associated with better conditions for growth of marine aquatic crustaceans as a result of the supposed physiological comfort and lower energy expenditure with osmoregulatory activity (Silva et al.