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marmorata consumed isopterans most often (65 and 78%, respectively), followed by homopterans (33 and 22%), coleopterans (30 and 56%), orthopterans (27 and 33%), and arachnids (20 and 44%).
tesselata, with isopterans consumed most often (71%), followed by orthopterans (43%), homopterans (33%), coleopterans (24%), and arachnids (24%).
In autumn, isopterans also were abundant and orthopterans and arachnids were moderately abundant during spring.
jarrovii abruptly shifted in autumn, with considerable increase in isopterans and decrease in formicids (Tables 1 and 2).
Two of the most common foods (coleopterans and isopterans) varied significantly between sexes in length, width, and volume (Table 4).