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an unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants

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Fatty-acid synthesis was significantly inhibited only at the highest dose of G, whereas nonsaponifiable-lipid synthesis was substantially reduced at all three doses of the isoprenoid (Fig.
When considering Vinette 1 samples that yielded either isoprenoid or [omega]-(oalkylphenyl)alkanoic acids containing a minimum of 20 carbon atoms, in addition to medium to long-chain saturated ([C.
Odom said that isoprenoid synthesis was an attractive drug target, not just for malaria, but for tuberculosis and other bacterial infections because those organisms also rely on the same isoprenoid pathway.
DEINOCHEM's priority target is isoprenoids, which are one of the most diverse families of natural substances (over 22,000 isoprenoid compounds listed to date).
The work of the INRA Research Team, directed by Philippe Hugueney, should enable us to further our DEINOCHEM programme through the acceleration of our developments in the isoprenoid field", says Emmanuel Petiot, DEINOVE CEO.
By thwarting isoprenoid production, Lipkin says, statins also disable a process that triggers activation of a proliferation molecule called Ras, which has been implicated in several cancers.
The investigators speculate that the anticancer benefit of bisphosphonates is related to their effects on the mevalonate metabolic pathway and inhibition of isoprenoid biosynthesis, which cancer cells require for growth-related processes.
The crude CNSL represents one of the major and cheapest sources of naturally occuring non isoprenoid phenolic lipids.
Grote R, Niinemets U (2008) Modeling volatile isoprenoid emissions--a story with split ends.
6) The researchers found that tocotrienol, an isoprenoid molecule, inhibits the liver enzyme responsible for cholesterol production in the body (HMG CoA reductase enzyme or HMGR).
Squalene synthase inhibitors held the theoretical promise of having fewer side-effects than statins, as they do not deplete the mevalonate pool and so should not interfere with isoprenoid synthesis.
Tocotrienols isoprenoid side chain has three double bonds as compared to tocopherol's saturated side chain.
Because statins have complex downstream effects through different isoprenoid intermediates, we further investigated whether inhibition of the attachment of one or more of these intermediates to their target proteins would independently regulate MMP-1 secretion.