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a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable

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boddartiwasunder-fishing as the yield isopleths with Lc/L[?
The distribution in Figure 10 was then estimated by an ellipsoidal isopleth described by Equation 7.
The information shows an important spatial-temporal dynamic in this variable southward 32[degrees]S, where isopleths of 25 and 26 mm CL show a displacement in the south-to-north axis since 2001, similar to the behaviour of the isopleth of relative abundance of 120 kg km-[linear.
2007) with Gaussian (bivariate normal) distributions, reporting the 95% and 50% isopleths for ranges and cores, respectively.
Distribution of chlorophyll and biomass: Isopleths of chlorophyll-a concentration in the vertical direction during each of the three campaigns are respectively illustrated in figures 5 A, B, C.
65-km diameter buffer around each live trap that was operational for =10 trap-nights and the 95% isopleths of resident tagged animals that were alive during the capture session.
Three-dimensional isopleth plots were constructed to assess the response of the conditional intrinsic rate of population increase parameter, r, to different inputted combinations of fishing mortality and the age at which 50% of sharks were selected.
To summarize agricultural pesticide use in the Salinas Valley, we first defined the region as the area bounded by the Pacific Ocean and an isopleth at 200 feet in elevation above the Salinas River.
The annex further-on looked to recent advances in mold and mildew research, with isopleth interpretation, sensitivity of substrates for mould infestation and mold growth modeling as specific topics.
The photochemical model used is the OZIPR model (Ozone Isopleth Plotting Program Research) (Gery and Crouse, 1990), which is a column or box model developed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
Different types of thematic maps, such as chloropleth or isopleth, will be discussed, along with their use for displaying data visually.
Second, these summary data are entered into the SURFER computer program to generate isopleth contours.
Areas occupied by wolf packs (80% isopleth of harmonic mean) had average road densities of 0.