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Synonyms for isomorphous

having similar appearance but genetically different

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Crystal Structure of Isomorphous Cadmium(II) and Lead(II) Oxalate Trihydrates.
It follows from the examples above that Latvian and Livonian are structurally isomorphous with the archaic Estonian as documented by Wiedemann.
2+] cation is surrounded by six hydroxyl groups or oxygen atoms, with possible isomorphous substitutions in the octahedral sheet and in the tetrahedral one (Moore and Reynolds 1997; Newman and Brown 1987).
After introducing the general concept of bone tissue engineering, they describe the structure of calcium orthophosphates and isomorphous substitutions; present synthesis and sintering methods, including their own synthesis of calcium phosphate nanoparticles and their investigation of thermal stability of substituted phosphates; describe calcium phosphate based granules, ceramics, composites, and cements, along with their results on the technology of porous ceramics, polymer-impregnated composites, and other materials; and present the results of a microstructural investigation of scaffolds and ex vivo tissue engineered bones by three dimensional techniques such as X-ray computer microtomography in reference to the kinetics of bone growth and the properties of engineered bone.
185-189), revealing three types of relationships (comparisons, tranformations and combinations), three types of measures (natural, integers and what we have called "relative natural measurements") and two types of numbers (natural and integers) which, as we have seen, do not fulfill the formal conditions needed to be isomorphous with the set of relative natural measurements or to act as a support for direct resolution of the corresponding arithmetic problems (Gonzalez, 1998, pp.
Structural defects in clay minerals can be classified in three categories: 1) those affecting the layers themselves (cis- or trans-vacancies, order-disorder in the isomorphous substitutions, etc.
1997) Calcio-ancylite-(Ce) from Ilimaussaq and Narssarssuk, Greenland, Kola peninsula and Polar Urals, Russia; ancylite-(Ce)-calcio-ancylite-(Ce) an isomorphous series.
Traditionally the basal surfaces of kaolinite are believed to carry a constant structural charge due to the isomorphous substitution of [Si.
Approximate phase information can be obtained by a variety of experimental techniques, including multiwave-length anomalous diffraction, multiple isomorphous replacement, and molecular replacement (McRee 1999).
Isomorphous substitution occurs when atoms of similar size but different charge replace elements in silicate clay layers.
Clay mineral crystals carry a charge arising from the isomorphous substitution of certain elements in their structure for other ions of a different valance.
I believe I have shown that first-person narrative fiction is not as isomorphous with autobiography as one might think.