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(biology) similarity or identity of form or shape or structure

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Meanwhile, the concept of institutional isomorphism and three mechanisms intermingled during the whole process are also developed in this paper.
In the Canadian case, the implementation of accrual accounting can be "largely attributed to coercive and normative influences of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and mimetic isomorphism with other members of the federal government's organizational field" (Baker & Rennie, 2006, p.
Now we proceed on to define isomorphism of finite Neutrosophic groups with distinct indeterminate, which can be defined over distinct groups with same binary operation.
g], which is the domain of the partially defined isomorphism [[alpha].
Under this isomorphism element y of K(x) corresponds to its restriction onto the subgroup Imx of G.
In the present paper, we establish an isomorphism between harmful and beneficial addictions that allows us to study both phenomena as two sides of the same coin: any harmful addiction can be thought of as a beneficial addiction, and vice-versa, by simply taking the negation or inverse of the addictive activity from one realm to the other.
This Article will focus on one of those processes--the process of institutional isomorphism through which courts become similar (and sometimes different) over time.
A weak isomorphism f: H [right arrow] K between two SVNHGs H = (X, E, R) and K = (Y, F, S) is a bijective mapping f: X [right arrow] Y, which satisfies f is homomorphism, such that:
So far, isomorphism identification of kinematic chains studied most is about those planar simple joint chains, and identification technique for this kind of chains is comparatively mature.
A new algorithm efficiently solves the graph isomorphism problem, computer scientist Laszlo Babai announced November 10 at a Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science seminar at the University of Chicago.
The isomorphism process can take place in three ways: coercive, mimetic and normative isomorphism (DiMaggio and Powell, 1983).
In terms of aesthetic isomorphism, the mysterious traits of porcelain, eternity and vulnerability, beauty and simplicity, softness and hardness, are in consistent harmony with the multilevel and paradoxical traits of the body, material and spirit, changeability and uniqueness, vulnerability and firmness, initiative and passivity.
The first one takes into account parameters related with inputs/outputs and names of each task of BP [3, 4]; the second one is focused on the semantic inference of related concepts contained in ontologies [5-8]; the third one, compares the BP structure usually represented trough modeling formalisms which ease the structural analysis using mathematical techniques, such as graph isomorphism [9-12]; and the last one, compares the behavior of BP represented as interchange of messages within tasks, record of historical execution of BP, and control-flow [13, 14].
The purpose of our paper is to present the foundations of organizational analysis' neoinstitutionalism (Nee, 2005), highlighting the concepts of legitimacy and isomorphism, as combined with elements of the resource-based view to support the idea of sustained organizational strategy.
Homomorphism is an isomorphism if and only if the matrix is inevitable.