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(biology) similarity or identity of form or shape or structure

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By imposing the vanishing condition mD on both sides of (0.1), we also obtain an isomorphism between the canonical ring [mathematical expression not reproducible] of [S.sub.[GAMMA]] and the following subring of [[direct sum].sub.m][M.sub.3m]([GAMMA]):
Over time, these responses work to produce institutional isomorphism (Palmer & Biggart, 2002).
Then there exist a group isomorphism f : [R.sup.x] [right arrow] [S.sup.x] such that f (1) = 1.
That is, the need for MNC subsidiaries to reconcile the contradictory prescriptions of mimetic isomorphism in institutional theory versus innovation in strategic management (Birkinshaw and Hood 2001; DiMaggio and Powell 1983; Kostova et al.
Emerging Markets Entry Mode: Balancing External and Internal Isomorphism
In summary, the unitary operator U = [U.sub.3] [U.sub.2][U.sub.1] provides an isometric isomorphism from the space [mathematical expression not reproducible] into the space [L.sub.2](R,dx) [cross product] [L.sub.2](R,dy), under which the k poly-Fock space [F.sup.2.sub.k] is mapped into [L.sub.2](R) [cross product] [H.sup.[cross product].sub.k] .
The most stringent pattern of exact-matching algorithms is graph isomorphism, which requires the mapping of nodes and edges on both graphs to bebijections [21].
Meanwhile, the concept of institutional isomorphism and three mechanisms intermingled during the whole process are also developed in this paper.
In the Canadian case, the implementation of accrual accounting can be "largely attributed to coercive and normative influences of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and mimetic isomorphism with other members of the federal government's organizational field" (Baker & Rennie, 2006, p.
To its benefit, The Politics of Freedom of Information is devoid of near obligatory citations to social and political science terms that others would likely use to theorize the phenomenon, such as "institutional isomorphism" and path dependency (DiMaggio and Powell 1983).
In our paper [1] we associated to a homotopy class of a string link a certain group diagram and showed that two string links have the same closure, up to link-homotopy, if and only if there is a certain type of isomorphism between their group diagrams.
([8], 13.1.6)) there is an isomorphism of graded R-modules [mathematical expression not reproducible].
An isomorphism g from [G.sub.1] to [G.sub.2] is a bijective mapping g : [V.sub.1] [right arrow] [V.sub.2] which satisfies the following conditions:
Assume that [alpha] is a Hopf automorphism of H and [beta] is a coalgebra isomorphism of C.
If for each group H such that the semigroups End(G) and End(H) are isomorphic implies an isomorphism between G and H, then we say that the group G is determined by its endomorphism semigroup in the class of all groups.