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having similar appearance but genetically different

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4 that, as algebras, these two components are isomorphic.
This test rejects the null hypothesis that geography distance is irrelevant to isomorphic diffusion with a highly statistically significant Pearson coefficient, which indicates that the further the distance between cities and Jinhua is, the more likely cities will apply isomorphism at a later stage.
The question of which groups are determined by their endomorphism monoids in the class of all groups, and how to find all non-isomorphic groups with isomorphic endomorphism monoids, is one of the main questions in the group theory.
In the last section, all finite isomorphic groups G and G' such that N(G) [congruent to] N(G') and Ne(G, I) [congruent to] Ne(G', I') are characterized with examples.
n](p, q) is isomorphic to a cocycle deformation of the tensor product [A.
As we know, when two multiple joint kinematic chains or two gear trains kinematic chains are isomorphic, their WDCCGs are exactly the same, their vertices and edges are in one-to-one correspondence with each other, and the vertices and edges in correspondence keep the same incidence and weighted relation.
Moreover, if V(H) = W(1,1) [intersection] W(h-2,1), then H is not isomorphic to Qh-3(111).
Until Babai's result, computers could quickly check if a solution showing that two graphs are isomorphic is correct but couldn't necessarily solve the problem from scratch efficiently.
Besides visual attention, participants' performance and perceived mental effort on subsequent isomorphic and transfer problem solving was measured to explore whether optimal attention distribution would also lead to optimal performance and effort.
Although its structure is isomorphic to one of the most commonly employed commercial ZIFs, it cannot withstand the same rigours as an industrial reagent and will break down again.
A graph G(V , E) has an H -covering if every edge in E belongs to a subgraph of G isomorphic to H .
The algorithm to approximate the portfolio loss rate distribution in the presence of obligor concentrations uses a specific isomorphic portfolio in the approximation.
n]is isomorphic to the group {([alpha], c, -[beta]) |[alpha], [beta] [member of] [F.
The next paper ("Heterogeneity of Isomorphic Pressures: Intertwining the Resource-Based View and the Neoinstitutional Approach", by Silvio Popadiuk, Edward Rivera Rivera and Walter Bataglia) aims at building a bridge between the resource based view and neoinstitutional approaches as a way to provide a potential new explanation of organizational diversity and competitive advantage.
Additionally aims to: (1) analyze the corporate governance practices of the Board in accordance with the listing segments of the BM&FBovespa; (2) evaluate the level of disclosure of corporate governance practices of the board; and (3) analyze whether there is an isomorphic stance on disclosure of corporate governance practices of the board of directors of financial institutions between companies which have both shares traded on the BM&FBOVESPA and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and those that have shares traded only on the BM&FBovespa.