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having similar appearance but genetically different

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Moreover, the congruence lattices of strongly Morita equivalent posemigroups are not necessarily isomorphic.
The jump graph J(G) of a connected graph G is isomorphic to N(G), the neighborhood graph of G if, and only if, G is [C.
1,0) is any Boolean algebra, then there is a set X such that B is isomorphic to a Guard algebra on X.
Isomorphic Mechanisms within Institutional Environments
Let f: G [right arrow] S be a canonical code function, if g is isomorphic to g', f (g) = f (g'), otherwise, f (g) [not equal to] f (g').
Florets isomorphic, male or female, corolla ligulate, limb deeply five-lobed, with one deeper split and unilateral lobes; anther apical appendages apiculate, tails papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally papillose.
Through time, we would also expect an increase in VPP sites in a given industry due to mimetic and normative isomorphic mechanisms as described by DiMaggio and Powell (1983) as more companies in a given industry became aware of the program due to other VPP participants in the industry, and as managers' awareness of the program increased through educational opportunities.
Notions of isomorphism and local isomorphism from a relational structure to an other one are defined in a natural way as well as the notion of isomorphic type (see Section 4 for undefined notions).
In a recent article in this journal, Drai attempts to reconcile Frege's criterion of synonymy with unique ultimate analysis by holding that, for Frege, if two sentences satisfy the criterion without being intensionally isomorphic, at most one of them is a privileged representation of the thought expressed.
The contributors explore holomorphic foliations by curves in a complex projective space, birational classification of hyperelliptic real curves, and the genus two Jacobians that are isomorphic to a product of elliptic curves.
For example, Perciaccante finds in the disciplinary records of First Presbyterian Church in Watertown a spirit of unequivocal judgment that conforms to "an isomorphic understanding of religion which sees a rule- and achievement-oriented congregation in the commercial center of the county enforcing behavioral standards" (54).
The isomorphic interpretation of (1) is not licensed in adult English.
It is known that blends of HDPE and LLDPE can cocrystallize into isomorphic structures characterized by single melting and crystallization peaks and complete miscibility of this pair was also detected in the amorphous state (17).
With but two qualifications to be noted below, the synchronic derivations in (7) are arguably isomorphic to the diachronic sequence of linguistic changes which gave rise to them.
The complaint alleges that during the Class Period, Nassda was infringing on the Synopsys '053 patent by making, using, selling, distributing, advertising, marketing and creating source code for products, including Nassda's Hierarchical Storage and Isomorphic Matching ("HSIM") software product.