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Synonyms for isometrical

having equal dimensions or measurements


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By Baker's result [1], every isometrical embedding from a normed space into a strictly convex normed space is affine.
Currier et al investigated effects of electrical stimulation and isometrical exercises on healthy sub-jects for quadriceps femoris muscle.
2] (0,1) defined by (Tu)(s) = [square root of ([pi]u)](cos [pi]s) is an isometrical isomorphism, whereby T[[psi].
Plant viruses appear most commonly in two morphological forms: a long, narrow, tube-like rod and an isometrical polyhedron (shape with many sides of equal length).
Let us consider features of the thermomechanical behavior of the PE + PLC blends previously irradiated and oriented at isometrical heating and cooling.
An example of metaphor in poetic form is the repetition of metrical sequences: in isometrical poetry, the same meter is repeated throughout the poem; whereas in heterometrical poetry, the same sequence of meters is repeated from one stanza to another ( "Two Aspects" 81).
A footnote from Moevs's manuscript - sadly left out of the published edition - emphasizes the importance of this piece's isometrical construction based on multiples of seven, (hence the rifle: Gr.