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Synonyms for isometric

a line connecting isometric points

related by an isometry

of or involving muscular contraction in which tension increases while length remains constant

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having equal dimensions or measurements


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of a crystal system characterized by three equal axes at right angles

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Therefore, the current study was planned to examine the absolute reliability of FED and determine the concurrent validity compared with the gold-standard in measuring shoulder IR and ER isometric peak torque in asymptomatic subjects.
There exists a family of isometric immersions of [R.sup.2] into [R.sup.4] with vanishing normal curvature, each of which depends on four real parameters s, a, b, c and an analytic function w on [R.sup.2].
Participants then completed submaximal and maximal trials of isometric knee extension (IKE), isometric knee flexion (IKF) and isometric squat (IS) while force produced and EMG activity of the vastus lateralis (VL), vastus medialis (VMO), semitendinosus (ST) and biceps femoris (BF) were measured.
On day one, each participant was instructed to exert their maximum handgrip strength on an isometric mechanical dynamometer, repeating the same task, alternating their dominant and non-dominant hand.
[17] reported that baseline BP of young subjects with normal BP who has a family history of hypertension was higher than subjects with normal BP and no family history which can be attributed to increased sympathetic activity even before the isometric exercise and these results were similar to the finding in our study.
Given the relevance of milk production and the high physical demands to which rural workers are exposed, the aim of the present study was to investigate the isometric lumbar extension strength of rural milk production workers engaged.
In the isometric group, the patients performed 10 straight leg raise and 10 quadriceps isometric contractions holding for 10 sec
(15) Measurements in isometric strength tests might also be reflective of RFD capabilities in athletes.
Prolonged static exertions have been widely studied for the development of LMF (e.g., Rohmert, 1960; Gamet & Maton, 1989; Hunter & Enoka, 2003), and the relationship between the endurance time and isometric level of muscle effort is well established.
Effects of different duration isometric contractions on tendon elasticity in human quadriceps muscles.
Objective: To compare isometric contraction, force-frequency relationship and muscle fatigue between slow and fast muscles of female type 2 diabetes mellitus Sprague-Dawley rats.
One particular form of resistance training (isometric training) has been shown to be especially potent in reducing resting blood pressure (relative to the amount of training performed).
A Banach space X is said to be an [L.sub.1]-predual space if its dual space [X.sup.*] is linearly isometric to an AL-space; see [9, Chapter 7].
A previous study suggested that the isometric portions of the MCL's anterior bundle are the optimal locations for bone tunnels [6].