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an enzyme that catalyzes its substrate to an isomeric form

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Effects of GNT on Chalcone Synthase (CHS), Chalcone Isomerase (CHI) and Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase (PAL) Activities
NeuroVive now holds approximately 10% of the shares in Isomerase.
The report provides comprehensive information on the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (Glycosylation-Inhibiting Factor or L-Dopachrome Isomerase or MIF or EC 5.
The Arabidopsis thaliana PIN1At gene encodes a single-domain phosphorylation-dependent peptidylprolylcis/trans isomerase.
Protein disulfide isomerase inhibitors constitute a new class of antithrombotic agents.
Scientists already knew that an enzyme called "D-xylose isomerase," or XI, is one of several enzymes required to convert xylose into ethanol.
The level of glucose phosphate isomerase (GPI) which is observed more rarely in the population was measured in the patient who had values which supported chronic hemolysis.
Gram & Bang [10] used fixed-bed reactor with immobilized glucose isomerase at pH ranging from 6 to 9.
SPBB tetrapeptides are target sites of phosphorylation by cdc2 (Poccia and Green, 1992), and they may subsequently become a target of (S/TP)-phosphorylation-dependent pep-tidyl-prolyl isomerases such as [peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase NIMA (never in mitosis gene a)-interacting ii Pini (Shen et al.
Because phosphorylation at proline-directed sites causes cis-isomerization of the protein backbone, we tested this effect on DAT T53 by inhibiting Pin1, a peptidyl prolyl isomerase which catalyzes the isomerization of pThr/pSer backbones using a small molecule inhibitor, juglone.
tularensis peptidyl-propyl cis-trans isomerase gene (GenBank accession no.
In the case of high fructose corn syrup, another bacterial enzyme, D-xylose isomerase, is used to convert some of the glucose into fructose.
As background, HFCS is prepared from a high-dextrose-equivalent corn starch hydrolysate by partial enzymatic conversion of glucose (dextrose) to fructose using an insoluble glucose isomerase enzyme preparation that is rendered insoluble, or fixed.