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a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height

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Source of variation LR df P value Isoline within RH 30% 82.54 10 <0.0001 Isoline within RH 80% 87.84 10 <0.0001 RH within isoline 47 A 6.16 2 0.0459 RH within isoline 47 B 8.84 2 0.0120 RH within isoline 37 B 25.11 2 <0.0001 RH within isoline 43 A 4.65 2 0.0977 RH within isoline 51 C 2.51 2 0.2857 RH within isoline Piracicaba 49.00 2 <0.0001 Please Note: Illustration(s) are not available due to copyright restrictions.
The relative extraction of [Al.sub.ex] by 1M KCl and by 0.1M Ba[Cl.sub.2] + 0.1M N[H.sub.4]Cl as analysed by AAS with the isoline and regression line shown.
Most dolphinfish were caught in or near the 0.02 m SSH isoline, which was located mainly in an oceanic area around 11-18[degrees]N and 125-110[degrees]W.
Figure 10 shows the isolines for the point safety factor and collapse of the rock mass around the section at stake K 0 + 310 after the excavation of the first layer of the #4 diversion tunnel.
As also shown in Figure 3(a), the isolines of SLP almost overlap at that of 850 hPa geopotential height on 1200 UTC 30 July 2008, indicating that the SLP and 850 hPa geopotential height processed by Barnes filter accurately describes the TC system.
Under the action of water head pressure difference, the flow is obviously flowing to the goaf, and the isoline of seepage pressure bends to the goaf, and finally presents the distribution similar to the precipitation funnel type.
Figure 14 shows the deformation and von Mises stress isoline (same particle size) of the NSBR6 for a nominal strain [epsilon] = 0.4.
The isoline of a MFB50 at 8[degrees] CA ATDC is added in the diagrams to represent the start of the knock restricted load area.
Therefore, as expected, the isoline values increase with the mica content, but with a curvature with inflection points between 3% and 4% in aPP-pPBMA content indicating that there exists a critical point.
Because compressive strength of PCD material is about 6 times over that of tensile strength, so the mainly failure of PDC cutter was caused by tensile stress through the distribution of stress isoline; simultaneously, the maximum equivalent stress of PDC cutter appeared near the joint surface of the composite layer and gradually extends outward.
Onduline Avrasya production plants are located on 120.000 m2 total area in Sapanca where Onduline HR (Roofing and Siding sheets), Isoline (Undertile waterproofing sheets), Bituline (Waterproofing membranes since 1998) and Onduvilla (Lightweight tiles since 2005) are produced.
Reference isoline represents the current flow density (A/[cm.sup.2]).
Baseline wander is a low frequency artifact in the ECG that arises from breathing, electrically charged electrodes, or subject movement and can hinder the detection of these ST changes because of the varying electrical isoline (Figure 1(a)).
In addition, the area of greatest productivity of the HCLME (Northern Central Peru) and the simulated distribution of the 1 mg Chl/[m.sup.3] isoline, used as a proxy to define the upwelling area (Nixon & Thomas 2001), follows the annual pattern observed in SeaWiFS data.
It can be seen that these points are much more dispersed and most of these points deviate the isoline. The RMS is 2.036 M.