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Synonyms for isolationistic

of or relating to isolationism


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In doing so, each will employ some combination of economic, regulatory, conversion, isolationistic and/or violent actions.
Urban living tends to be more isolationistic and the lack of human contact with people of close proximity can encourage suspiciousness and paranoia that is both unwarranted and unjustified.
NGOs and the European Parliament also critiqued the ASPA isolationistic themes as harmful to U.
It backfired, provoking the sleeping American giant from isolationistic neutrality into an angry wrath without restraint, leading to the annihilating atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Aug.
It is argued that modem science and technology have studied the whole objective world, but in an isolationistic manner, resulting in separated disciplines.
It had a tendency to be a little isolationistic," said one.