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a policy of nonparticipation in international economic and political relations

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Isolationism breeds fear and all that comes with it.
According to a very common narrative, the 1920s and '30s were, in the words of one skeptical historian, "a period when the United States disregarded its world responsibilities by getting inebriated on the homemade gin of isolationism.
Isolationism has always been a major problem for US administrations seeking to go outward and play the role of a "benevolent hegemon" in the post-European world system.
If this is isolationism the problem is not with the articulator of such a purpose but those who cling to the status quo, usually older male leaders, stirring up a false patriotism at the cost of young lives.
But I think a sense of isolationism is quite a dangerous thing when you are then, years down the line, the most powerful nation in the world.
Unusually direct language employed by CBI president Sir John Egan, who will criticise the US slide towards isolationism and protectionism, must mark the beginning of a much-needed campaign to underline the merits of free trade.
THE terrorism attacks of September 11 have helped remove the threat of American isolationism, General Sir Michael Rose told a business audience at Cardiff's Park Hotel last night.
Unfortunately, people are "always doing their own thing in their own sector," leading to a kind of "organizational isolationism.
But for an avowed right-winger and apologist for pre--Pearl Harbor isolationism to question the wisdom of American intervention in World War II is morally beyond the pale.
Overall, however, American soldiers returned to the United States glad to put the troubles of the Old World behind them and ready to participate in the prosperity and isolationism of the twenties.
The campus almost seems to be designed, geographically, to inculcate moral isolationism.
It's the fourth in Virgin UK's best-selling series "A Short History of Ambient," which, ironically, has ridden the crest of the chill-out boom--ironically because isolationism breaks with all of ambient's feel-good premises.