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capable of being isolated or disjoined

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Furthermore, reaction of the potassium salt 7 with hydrazinehydrate in ethanol under ultrasound irradiation at 60-65[degrees]C afforded only one isolable product (as examined by TLC) identified as 4-amino-5-((2,7-dimethyl 1.8- naphthyridin-4-yloxy)methyl)-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiol 9a (Scheme 2); under the same reaction conditions the pot salt 7 allowed to react with phenyl hydrazine and methyl hydrazine; it gave the corresponding aminophenyl and aminomethyltriazole derivative 9b and 9c (Scheme 2).
The self as a vessel soundable by any entity, singular or choral, both presents and resolves the problem of the lyric, the problem of uttering "I." Tennyson's "I" contradicts what is essential to the lyric "I"--the idea that there is something individual and isolable, something private and particular about experience, action, and will that generates a position of speech, encompassed by the border we designate as the body.
All of this lends weight to Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of the "dialogic imagination," which "displaces the essentialist ideology of individualism that makes of the 'self' an atomized privacy, a unified and unique core isolable from society and 'representable' in autobiography" (Smith 48).
But the Dreaming is not an isolable spiritual element, but an intrinsic component of Aboriginal social and political organisation.
This process modifies the status of the human body (the human status of the body): it creates body-men, men whose body is a machine-body that is fragmented and dominated, and used to perform one isolable function or gesture, being both destroyed in its integrity and fetishized, atrophied, and hypertrophied in its "useful" organs.
Nevertheless, if it had been presented in a French journal on biological anthropology, one does not dare imagine the reception it would have been given: cutting up a social organization into small or barely isolable functional traits would be a tremendous pitfall, and no one would accept (at the present moment) that an analysis authorized itself to overlook this.
Second, environmental restrictions that impose especially heavy burdens on isolable property owners must demonstrate that the means of regulation is reasonable as well as the ends.(129) This includes demonstrating a causal relationship between the activity being restricted and the social evil the regulation seeks to remedy.
Even so, it is proper to explain S's coming to believe that p by appeal to the functionally isolable and discrete belief that t.
These universals should be isolable through cross-cultural comparative literary study, on the model of linguistics, along with experimental research, on the model of cognitive psychology.
(CT supposedly shows that such a set is isolable from the total set of consequences.) The A-set might thus contain a 'Craigified' theory, Tc, making no claims about unobservables.
What this book takes as its object is not the empirical data of artworks or the ultimately idealist notion of an isolable 'perception,' but instead the no less problematic phenomenon of the observer.
The organometallic nitrosyl products of both conversions 8 and 9 are isolable as analytically pure crystals from the final reaction mixtures by fractional crystallization.
Despite this, PR values indicate that the number of healthy developed isolable shoots from explants was either similar in both media or higher in SIM-B than in SIM-A.
The reaction of 2-(phenylsulfonyl)-1(4-tolyl)ethan-1-one (3) with hydrazine hydrate in acetic acid at 90[degrees]C under microwave irradiation in a closed vessel with power 100 W for 3 min (holding time) resulted in the formation of the title compound 5, as final isolable product, in 78% yield (Scheme 1).