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a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable

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Over the years, Word Ways has identified many of the longest isograms, words and names which use no repeated letters.
Darryl Francis's article New Pair Isograms in the February 2012 Word Ways brought back memories from my early days of dabbling with word play.
He settled on Letter Shifts (p 173-76) such as add to bee, ice to keg, fusion to layout, augmented by Isograms (p 49-50) illustrated by real people such as Melvin Schwarzkopf, Scrambled Alphabets (p 179-80) to maximize (or minimize) the number of fourletter Pocket Dictionary words in alphabetic order (abet, bevy.
We illustrate this process for the two-letter words in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD); the 85 isograms are reduced to the following 68 in 13 groups, with an average of 5.23 per group: 1 ab de ef hi no op ut 2 ay om us 3 ad ax be by he if li lo or xu 4 ae aw mi so 5 fa id in jo to up 6 ye 7 ah at bi el ex ho pi nu 8 ai as em we go mu ow 9 ar en of ox 10 ka oe is oy 11 la pa do pe et sh it xi 12 am es my 13 an boer
Susan Thorpe has discovered a new pair isogram. BEDDY-BYE, which the OED defines as "a nursery and facetious term for bed or sleep," has 2 each of the letters B D E Y.
I = Isogram (pair isogram unless specified otherwise); Unreferenced words can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition.
It is also of great interest logologically since as an isogram it splits nicely into five two-letter words TO-UR-MALI-NE all of which may be found in standard dictionaries.
The variation characteristics and the range of the periodic changes of the select measures at different time-scales can be analyzed based on the isograms about [W.sub.f](a, b).
Caption: Figure 4: Isograms of gas volume fraction at sections of the face.
To describe the spatiotemporal evolution of infiltration behaviors, saturation isograms were drawn by each discrete point of degree of saturation (%), which was transformed from volumetric water content measured by TRIME-TDR probes and mass water content measured by soil sampling.
The pressure isograms of the tube-loaded explosion were shown in Figure 10.
In addition, synchronously applying of the other capabilities of this software and Excel 10 program, the map of isograms was drawn and prepared.
Selecting 85%, 95%, and 98% as the intrazone, mesozone, and external zone of the anomaly, the isograms of the raw data and separated data are depicted using the cumulative frequency method.
At Figs 2 and 3 isograms of the maximum and the minimum elongation of the most important horizontal deformations are provided.
As before, Noah turns away hyphenated words, coinages, palindromes, tautonyms and pair isograms.