isogonic line

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an imaginary line connecting points on the Earth's surface where the magnetic declination is the same

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The upshot is that the isogonic lines showing magnetic variation on sectional charts shift more dramatically each time these updates are applied.
Edmond Halley introduced the isogonic lines or magnetic meridians in the southern hemisphere and Louis Duperrey situated the magnetic South Pole at 76[degrees]S and 135/6[degrees]E.
If the isogonic lines (the lines of equal air pressure between highs and lows) on the chart are bunched up and close together, expect turbulence aloft.
These lines are called "isogonic lines" unless it is indicating a zero variation, then it is called an "agonic line." A pilot uses these lines to correct the true course he drew on a chart for variation.
The isogonic lines on en route charts are updated every five years, when a new model comes out.