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having equal magnetic inclinations


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Let [L.sub.1] = {(x, y) | x = l/[mu], y [greater than or equal to] 0} and [L.sub.2] = {(x, y) | 0 [less than or equal to] x, y = (m-rx)/q(K + dx)} as the isoclinic line dy/dt = 0 and dx/dt = 0, respectively.
Buckley, Automorphisms groups of isoclinic p-groups, J.
where x(t) denotes the population density of pests at time t and y(t) denotes the population density of natural enemies at time t; a, [delta], [beta] are positive numbers; p, q, [lambda], [tau] are control parameters and positive numbers; the point ([h.sub.1], [??]) is the intersection of the isoclinic line y = (1 - x)(x + a) and the straight line x = [h.sub.1].
As the distance between the [pi] plane and the origin of the principle stress space coordinates system depends only on the hydrostatic pressure [[sigma].sub.m], when the internal stress of rock mass changes, that is, when [[sigma].sub.m] changes, the yielding surface will be scaled in the meridian plane along the isoclinic line direction (see Figure 4(c)).