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Synonyms for isochronous

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for isochronous

equal in duration or interval


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This switching technique is called as Isochronous Switching, since each switching time is divided equally
The accessibility analysis in this study is addressed from three complementary perspectives: i) percentage coverage of population variables by stratum according to the mean travel time from all police stations; ii) number and percentage of criminal events by crime category for each of the isochronous curves; and iii) spatial variation of the number of events per crime type for each of the years of analysis.
Caption: FIGURE 6: Isochronous curves of sample ([[sigma].sub.3] = 3 MPa, T = 600[degrees]C).
Using N successive pairs of isochronous windows as input for the above-described PSC calculations produces a time-resolved sequence of PSC tuples.
Xu, "Bifurcation of limit cycles and isochronous centers for a quartic system," International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol.
Calculation of the generalized forces [mathematical expression not reproducible] in (J.1)-(J.3) requires the estimation of isochronous variation [mathematical expression not reproducible] of the vertical coordinate [mathematical expression not reproducible] on the basis of approximate formula (D.2).
PR4G F@stnet Thales 30 to 88 MHz 0.87kgs Power: 2 Watts hand-held (see notes) Waveforms: F@stnet, isochronous TDMA Encryption: ECCM against narrow- and broadband jammers Notes: Radio family uses Mux mode, continuous voice and data, 10 Watts manpack 50 vehicle.
Alternatively, the Pae Member, which is distinctively followed for over 100 km along northern Estonia being likely an isochronous bed, carries dolomite due to relict (connate) marine waters (Kiipli 1983).
The gen-set is equipped with Power-Manager digital controls, which provide access to constant monitoring capabilities, built-in protective alarms, and isochronous speed control for increased accuracy.
At one point, I suggested that this was a moment of simultaneity which I defined as akin to a continuous series of isochronous sequences taking place.
Among the topics are basic concepts and linearized problems of systems, an isochronous center in a complex domain, the theory of center-focus and bifurcation of limit cycles for a class of multiple singular points, local and non-local bifurcations of perturbed Zq-equivalent Hamiltonian vector fields, and center-focus problems and bifurcations of limit cycles for three-multiple nilpotent singular points.
DOCSIS 1.0 was an isochronous MAC protocol running over a 36 Mbps physical signaling sublayer.
According to the company, the 2,800-square-foot solution, which has a 45% smaller footprint than other compact systems in the marketplace, will include ProNova'ssuperconducting 360-degree gantry and SC isochronous cyclotron.
These tasks include "isochronous finger tapping, tapping to random rhythms, and tapping to rhythms whose tempo fluctuations follow the pattern of the cosine wave" (p.
(1) Post-incisive: subsequent beginning and isochronous end of soil formation;