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Synonyms for isochronal

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for isochronal

equal in duration or interval


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Bergson's simultaneities deals with isochronism, Husserl's retention deals with longer intervals, while Heidegger's now-saying deals with determination of points in time.
Leach, "Kepler's third law and the oscillator isochronism," American Journal of Physics, vol.
Values of zero indicate a perfect isochronism between MI and motor execution, whereas values higher than zero indicate that the task was performed faster during MI than during motor execution and values lower than zero indicate that the task was performed slower during MI than during motor execution.
The description is rather technical, but no less interesting: It has a small revolving carriage housing the escapement and balance wheel that is designed to release the movement from the grip of gravity by counter-balancing its resulting disturbances and enhancing the isochronism of the balance wheel.
The Mobius strip-like entanglement between time and frequency, between analogue vibrations and discrete numbers, is the essence of a time mechanism that is both physical and symbolic at the same time (Miyazaki, 2012)From his research into the relations between heat conduction and abstract numbers, Fourier (1822) derived a general conclusion: "From several mechanical questions arise similar results, such as the isochronism of oscillations, the multiple resonances of sonorous bodies" [Plusieurs questions de mecanique presentent des resultats analogues, tels que l'isochronisme des oscillations, la resonnance multiple des corps sonores] (p.