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an isogram connecting points at which something occurs or arrives at the same time

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If the model equations are known, an alternative approach for phase definition uses the isochrones method [35-37].
The computational flow lines in Figures 3(c), 3(d), 4, and 5 contain additional yellow bands between the successive isochrones. The time distance between the isochrones is 30 s.
1) a favorable one that concerns the isochrones, comfort and mobility security which lead to the approval of commuting since it can be accomplished in good conditions;
The isochrones used in that work are those from Bressan et al.
The PSA cut efficiencies, in particular, are estimated using a heuristic calculation in which multiple interactions in a detector are examined for their relative drift time using isochrone maps such as that depicted in Figure 1.
Helens ash, Columbia Basin lava), principles and terminology (uniformitarianism, thermodynamics), and radioactive decay (decay rates, dating methods, isochrones, uncertainties, sample selection, neutrinos, inconsistent results, radiocarbon).
Figure 3 is a filling simulation displaying material flow paths in time increments called isochrones. The part is sequentially valve gated, starting with the center gate.
Figure 6 shows the tan [delta] isochrones of the postcured samples, it can be seen that the shoulders in the epoxy [alpha]-relaxation peaks have disappeared, thus indicating that they correspond to undercured epoxy, i.e., network regions of lower crosslinking density.
Snowball presented an original talk about validating varve chronologies with independent complementary dating techniques (historically dated marker layers, palaeomagnetic secular variations, tephrochronology, atmospheric lead pollution isochrones and radiocarbon wiggle matching) to reduce chronological uncertainties.
Stampfli, G.M., and Borel, G.D., 2002, A plate tectonic model for the Paleozoic and Mesozoic constrained by dynamic plate boundaries and restored synthetic oceanic isochrones: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v.
Preserved layers of tephra (volcanic ash) are valuable for reconstructing volcanic eruption histories, as isochrones for palaeo-environmental studies, and for investigating volcanic impacts on the environment.
The minimal error between isochrones of the physiologic excitation and the therapy was computed automatically and leads to an optimal lead position and timing.
Meme si la majorite des dates ont subs,quemment ete citees dans de la documentation par le biais de communications personnelles et que certains schemas isochrones preliminaires ont ete incorpores dans des communications, les resultats n'ont pas ete publies dans leur integralite.
62); however, the CEP is determined in terms of the accuracy with which the isochrones and isofreqs are calculated.