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an isogram connecting points at which something occurs or arrives at the same time

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In such cases, the phase should be undefined (unless a broader definition of phase is adopted based on isochrones; see below).
The mean stellar lifetimes are taken from the isochrones from the Padova group [86-89] instead of using those from the Geneva group Schaller et al.
The color scale shows hole drift speeds, in mm/ns, the black lines show charge drift trajectories, and the light grey lines show "isochrones"-loci of equal hole drift time for events in the detector bulk.
The granitic rocks emplaced into the Abja mafic intrusion show zircon fractions with ages from 1.610 to 1.515 Ga with the isochrone age of 1.622 [+ or -] 7 Ga (Kirs & Petersell 1994).
Figure 3 is an Isochrone, that is, a plot of the pressure drop of the material during filling of the cavity on which the shadings indicate different short shots.
The latter could be a pseudofault of a propagating ridge (e.g., Tebbens & Cande, 1997) generated during the isochrone 6C (~24 Myr; Handschumacher, 1976; Hey, 1977) when a plate reorganization occurred as inferred from the analysis of magnetic anomalies (Mammerickx & Klitgord, 1982).
For the aim of preventing loss of the useful information in the integral along the isochrone lines, the path and trace lines are adopted in the Lagrange method investigations.
Fairen propose une autre alternative et fait de cet art l'une des deux versions graphiques des memes groupes neolithiques et donc contemporaine et isochrone du schematisme (Fairen, 2004).
400 m) a fourni des ages concordants par correlation tabulaire et isochrone de 201 [+ or -] 2,5 Ma, ce qui correspond a la datation au U-Pb a partir de zircon situant la meme unite d'ecoulement a 202 [+ or -] 1 Ma.
Each curve represents a specific time-of-arrival difference and is called an "isochrone."
Isopoll and isochrone maps have been widely adopted, because they provide a visual summary of palynological data (Huntley 1988; Birks 1989).
"We are now meeting that need with a suite of key pan-European products - Cartique Mapping, Routing and Drivetime data, SABE detailed administrative boundaries and Drivetime Regionale isochrone and routing systems.
The basement of the West Iberia Margin is continental (Hercynian crystalline rocks, volcaniclastic and sedimentary rocks; Mamet et al., 1991) overlain by upper Jurassic to lowest Cretaceous limestones, which are isochrone with the siliciclastic deposits of the Iberian Abyssal Plain crustal blocks (Sites 901, 1065).
To determine the propagation of the rainband, the isochrones of the area of strong convection with radar reflectivity greater than 45 dBZ in the band were tracked from 0900 to 1756 UTC (Fig.