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Synonyms for isochronal

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for isochronal

equal in duration or interval


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Although heterochronal spawners might not benefit from predator satiation as much as isochronal spawners, they do benefit from an increase in fecundity, a spread of predation risk, a spread of larval impact on their prey, and a decrease in the risk of spawning eggs in unfavorable conditions (12).
Its isochronal annealing characteristics were found to be very similar to a component of trapped positive charge in an a-Si[O.sub.2] thin film as reported by Harari et al.
Contingency bases have established phase maintenance and scheduled (isochronal [ISO]) maintenance.
International Resource News-June 24, 2011--TAG Oil Ltd's four-point Isochronal flow test completed in Sidewinder-2 well(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Previous studies have shown that this fish is a synchronous spawner (also known as a total or isochronal spawner), with two groups of different sized ovocytes; the larger diameter group is released during the first spawning (Young et al., 1999).
One example he highlighted is AMC's C-5 Galaxy regionalized isochronal inspection program.
Beyond the collective imagination, the possession of a car broke secular isolations, allowed the populace to discover mobility and radically shortened the isochronal lines of an Italy divided into thousands of villages.
It is based on a framework of isochronal time (now increasingly digitized), where each beat of time is equivalent though unrepeatable and only invested superfluously (as a topographical map might have a toponymic overlay) with human meaning.
Striped mullet are considered isochronal spawning fishes (Greeley et al., 1987; Render et al., 1995).
TSgt Darrel Cumpton and SSgt Antone Thompson of the 55th Maintenance Squadron were performing a maintenance engine run on an OC-135 OPEN SKIES aircraft as part of the periodic Isochronal Inspection.
Reproductive development of Stripped Mullet in Louisiana estuarine waters with notes on the applicability of reproductive assessment methods for isochronal species.
Isochronal annealing studies are performed to examine the kinetics of the defects.
The realities of isochronal and equiproportional development, and trends in the copepodid-naupliar duration ratio.