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Synonyms for isobilateral

having identical parts on each side of an axis

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Concavo-convex 2 Collenchyma Present beneath upper epidermis 3 Calcium oxalate Plenty, along veins Lamina 1 Lamina Isobilateral, palisade in 3 and 2 layers beneath upper and lower epidermis respectively 2.
argophloia, por el contrario, solo existe un parenquima en empalizada alargado (isobilateral) y un reducido espacio de aire entre las celulas del parenquima en empalizada (Ngugi et al., 2003).
This isobilateral leaf anatomy restricts the interconnected network of free, wet cell surfaces of spongy mesophyll to a thin central strip.
After meiotic division, megaspores organize in an isobilateral manner of tetrad.