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(meteorology)an isogram connecting points having equal barometric pressure at a given time

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Nisal De Silva, Associate Director from Isobar Sri Lanka, will lead the digital programmatic operations for Amnet in Sri Lanka
Khalifa joined Isobar after the acquisition of Digital Republic by Dentsu Aegis Network in May 2016.
Figure 1: iSoBAR for student feedback (adapted from iSoBAR, Government of Western Australia 2013, pp.7) i * Identify: Introduce your role in providing feedback to your student S * Situation: Why I need to give you feedback o * Observations: Provide examples of practice B * Background: Relate to placement objectives, planned learning A * Agreed Plan: Objective setting for continued learning R * Read-back: Confirm that the student has understood the feedback and agreed plan Examples of Feedback
Results: The incidence of hypotension in the isobar group was lower than the hyperbaric group, although it was not statistically significant (40.47% vs.
After plotting the isobars one sees that when above the critical pressure there is only an "ideal gas" phase, when below the critical pressure, there are two stable regions corresponding, respectively, to large/small black hole phases with an unstable medium region, which implies the existence of the large/small black hole phase transition; this thermal behavior of black hole is in analogy to the one of van der Waals gas.
Jack Lang, Fellow at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, cofounder and chair of Raspberry Pi and UK James Dyson Award judge 2016 said: "Isobar is a brilliant invention.
The agency will maintain its talent, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative essence and will be further empowered by Isobar's regional and global network of 4,000 digital pioneers.
Singapore-based TUS Isobar has been appointed digital and operations agency of record by OCBC Bank's Consumer Financial Services (CFS) division.
BANGOR 2.05 Sirop De Menthe 2.40 Isobar 3.15 One Term 3.50 Knight In Purple 4.25 Wester Ross 5.00 Crazy 5.35 Executive's Hall.
BANGOR: 2.05 Sirop De Menthe, 2.40 Isobar, 3.15 One Term, 3.50 Knight In Purple, 4.25 Wester Ross, 5.00 Crazy, 5.35 Executive's Hall.
to r.) Isobar's Hester Bloch, Everything Everywhere's Spencer McHugh, Google U.K.'s Charlotte Morton and Poke's Nick Farnhill
ACROSS 3 Middle-aged; 8 Panama; 9 Pentagon; 10 Semolina; 11 Patron; 12 Tastiest; 15 Under the weather; 17 Pavement; 19 Desire; 23 Twilight; 24 Virtuoso; 25 Isobar; 26 Ingredient.
Telenor Pakistan has awarded a contract to Isobar MENA, a UK based digital marketing company having its MENA office in Dubai, for the development of integrated online platform that will become the anchor for a series of initiatives targeting the urban youth of Pakistan, said a statement issued by Isobar.
And why all the silly banter and twittering about temperatures in the "mid to late teens" with not an isobar in sight lest we get confused?
NAOMI MATTHEW: 12.40 Isobar, 1.10 Charminster, 1.40 Philharmonic Hall, 2.10 Copper's Gold, 2.40 I Got Music, 3.10 Quinder Spring, 3.40 Keeneland.