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one of the three sections of the hipbone

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The sacrum, ischium and pubis are normal while the acetabulum is markedly dysplastic with severe hip instability.
We reported an unusual case of PTM associated with metastases to the lung and ischium pubis at the time of the diagnosis.
The scan should include the ischium and the greater trochanter, but the ischium should not be in the scan's femoral neck box.
It is described by some as attaching the sacrum to the ischium (Levangie and Norkin, 2001), and by others as attaching the sacrum, ilium and coccyx to the ischial tuberosity (Agur and Dalley, 2005; Basmajian, 1982) (Figure 1).
Modeled after the original Isch-Dish [R], Span-America's new EZ-Dish [TM] pressure-relief cushion provides a seating solution for those at high risk for pressure ulcers at the ischium or coccyx.