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relating to or affected by ischemia


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Few disorders are mistaken histologically for ischemic necrosis of the optic nerve, although several conditions can mimic cavernous degeneration.
HBOT is advocated for the treatment of severe trauma of the limbs in association with surgery because of its effects on peripheral oxygen transport, muscular ischemic necrosis, compartment syndrome, and infection prevention (22).
Feline arterial thromboembolism (ATE) is a serious condition is cats that is often associated with acute ischemic necrosis of one or more limbs.
A bedside biopsy of the middle turbinate revealed ischemic necrosis without fungal elements, and further tissue biopsies were recommended.
Hypopituitarism is believed to be due to ischemic necrosis of the anterior pituitary secondary to postpartum hemorrhage (1,5).
The distal aspect of a local random pattern flap has the greatest risk of ischemic necrosis because of the limitations in vascular perfusion.
However, surgical mobilization of the nerve during anterior transposition, iatrogenically impairs the blood supply to the nerve and places it at risk for ischemic necrosis.
Recently, however, Hasson and colleagues reported a case of possible ischemic necrosis of the small intestine following laparoscopic adhesiolysis and bipolar myolysis.
A pathognomonic periosteal reaction at the occipital and parietals, along the lambdoid suture, pointed to the compression of the skull that could explain the trauma, ischemic necrosis and subsequent infection.
We had a patient who had disseminated intravascular coagulation, antiphospholipid antibodies, and who developed ischemic necrosis of the extremities following the ingestion of two tablets of hydrochlorothiazide," he said.
Systemic calciphylaxis is an entity consisting of progressive, severe, ischemic necrosis encompassing widespread anatomical regions.
Rarely, JINETs come to clinical attention because of tumor-induced intestinal ischemia, and the resected surgical specimen shows intestinal ischemic necrosis (IIN) in the nonneoplastic small intestine.
Accurately, NAS is an ischemic necrosis of the diffuse biliary tree following hepatic arterial thrombosis.